NUFORC UFO Sighting 147224

Occurred: 1996-07-06 01:00 Local
Reported: 2019-07-02 18:42 Pacific
Duration: 30 sec-30 min
No of observers: 1

Location: Pensacola, FL, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Lights on object, Missing Time, Marks found on body afterwards

Experience with bright hovering ligt,, loss of time and changes in spacial perception in Florida

The night of the fourth of July, 1996, I was in high school on summer vacation, in bed ready to go to sleep. My room, located at the rear of our house had a single window, set in an alcove approximately 2.5-3 feet deep with overhanding eaves. Outside the window there was a large elephant ear plant, which obscured 50-60% of the total window area. Outside the window there was a large river birch 15-15 feet from the house with a leaf canopy that was about 12 feet wide and blocked the entirety of the nigh sky from view.

It was at 1:00am on that night I was in bed when I heard and felt a low electrical vibration, I sat up and turned towards the window and lareg display clock which clearly read the time. The vibration became a hum and I experienced physical paralysis and a visual and physical change in the dimensions of the room. The room itself appeared to expand and constrict as if it were becoming fluid.

It was at this point a bright light appeared in the upper left hand corner of the window, despite the foliage outside and window blinds, the light pierced the darkness of the roomit stayed for a moment and then in less than a second filled the entire window with a bright white light. The room was lit brighter than day with the blinding light. During this time the hum stopped and there was a total lack of sound. I was incapable of movement.

The light stayed in the window for up to 10 seconds and then pulled back and shot away in the same angle at which it had approached. At this point the room returned to its normal state, the normal sounds of the house (air conductor, pets etc.) returned and I was capable of moving again. It was at this point I realized I had also been holding my breath for the duration of the event. I looked again at the digital clock and observed the time was 1:30 and that 30 minutes at passed in what was less than a one minute event.

It was the first time I experienced such an event, however I was not afraid after and from conversations wit family members I found that I was not the first to have such an experience. I had many acquaintances pass this off as fireworks as it was July 4th, but that is unlikely as fireworks of any great size are banned in Florida for private use, and the foliage outside my window blocked all light from entering, not to mention that no fireworks behave in such a manner and are not silent.

The next morning I found fingerpring like marks on my legs and arms

Posted 2019-07-05

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