NUFORC Sighting 146215

Occurred: 1971-07-14 01:00 Local
Reported: 2019-05-17 12:41 Pacific
Duration: 10 minutes
No of observers: 3

Location: Medford, OR, USA

Shape: Oval
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Changed Color, Animals reacted

‘My Dog as my witness’!...we saw-what-we-saw, but what-was-it!?! Today, after 48 years of silence I am putting into text the recollection of what I apprise to have been a UFO sighting taking place in the Summer of 1971 at a Hydro Electrical Station canal site (with night fishing permits) off the Rouge (sic. Rogue??) River in Oregon, somewhere remote North of Medford, Oregon (we resided in Ashland, Oregon, at the time)...compelled by others willing to share their experience in this matter I am documenting this extraordinary event with ‘My Dog as my witness’!

The setting was close to 1:00am on a balmy night with a severe-clear sky (although very little moonlight) for an overnight fishing/camping trip in the Summer of 1971 at a Hydro Electrical Station with a huge floodlight on the small buildings’ roof, aside a concrete canal (with night fishing allowed with a permit only) off the Rouge River in Oregon somewhere remote North of Medford, Oregon, (we resided in Ashland, Oregon, at the time)...our permit allowed us to park on the gravel covered levy at the edge of the canal near the floodlight 20’ away (very slow flowing, calm/silent water except for the occasional fish jumping).

Myself 18 years old, and husband 21 (leaving nameless to protect his identity, per his request) with our highly trained 2 years old pure black, fearless German Shepard dog, named ((dog's name deleted)), (he even survived a rattlesnake-bite on his nose without a whimper). Our 1960 Mint Green F100 Ford pickup truck with overhead camper was backed up to roughly 20 feet from the concrete-canal, set-up with camp chairs, lantern, snacks and fishing gear set out, and already catching catfish with 2 hooks on each line….although there was very little Moonlight, the area was very bright due to the huge security floodlight-beam attached to the roof of the small Hydro Electric station (10’x10’ building about 20’ away) shinning to the opposite side of the canal where the other side of the shore was visible, I’m guessing to be 50 feet off in the distance? ((name deleted)), (the dog) was napping near me, sitting in the camp-chair 5’ from the waters-edge tending my fishing-pole ...all of a sudden ((dog's name deleted)) bolted to all four feet and started the strangest sound I ever heard from any dog then or to this day!...guttural-howl/growl-scream, as if the dog might be in severe pain, attempted to crawl under my camp-chair where obviously he cannot fit, then trying to cover his ears with his paws as if trying to block some ear piercing whatever?...after that, he was scraping his head on both side of his ears along the sharp-gravel in obvious horrific pain when we heard/noticed the water in the canal was lapping the shores vigorously and rippling in concentric circles from the center of the canal, so thought maybe a Moose or some very large animal jumped into the water but we would have heard-it if that happened? .soon we realize we can see the opposite side of the canal clearly and no Moose or animal in sight...including we see that the concentric circles are full round circles so whatever it was the circles started in the middle of the canal not at the levy edge and the ripples/waves are getting stronger, similar to what a helicopter hovering overhead would cause?...except, it is completely silent and no dust or gravel blowing around, all-the-while the dog is continuing to suffer, at that moment we both look-up to see a huge pulsing-glow-fire-orange/red oval (football) shaped craft above-us with no apparent windows, seamless-looking solid material/construction and no visible means of propulsion or con-trails? (guessing 50 yards in length by 10 yards in height) approximately hovering at the height of a 20 story building...nearly over the top of us we see that it appeared to be spinningiin-place at a supersonic rate (how can this not make noise is going thru my mind?)...we freeze in our tracks, our heads trying to justify/comprehend what we are seeing while the dog seems to be acting worse for pain and screaming even more?...we grabbed our gear and shot for the truck 5 feet away as we see the object bolt across the sky away from us in a blink becoming a barely visible-dot only a moment later to reappear above us again in the next blink of time! is this possible with no sound we humans can hear but maybe the dog can hear-it?...about 3-5 minutes have gone by now...

Strangely, our dog ((dog's name deleted)) jumped in the camper-back with the gear as soon as the door was barely open, forcing his way inside using his head as a plow in a panic-fleeing-demeanor...I say strangely, as he never wants to ride in the back of the camper, only wanted to sit in the truck cab with us, so I figured he must be as afraid as we are?!? Fleeing, as we are freaked-out and shaking in the fright-flight-mode (full-on heart-pounding fear) with dust and gravel spewing from the truck-tires as we swerve out of there as-fast-as-possible and are soon out of eyesight of the craft due to the dense forest of Pines, Oaks, Buckeyes, Sequoias and Redwoods blocking the view.

It took another several minutes before the dog recovered from his painful event and finally stopped we drove along in silence trying in our minds to make sense of what just happened? ex-husband blurts out in a scary-threatening-tone, and commanded that “I better not repeat this to anybody as he would deny it and call me crazy”...and actually ‘with my dog as my witness’, he was more compelling evidence/witness of something strange in our midst than the opinion of my ex-husband.

Approximately a month later, while reading a book from my co-workers: Book Club in Medford, Oregon, titled: Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Daniken, and I assumed it would be similar to the Kon Tikki story?...quickly I realize it is a book of UFO sightings and read a page where there was a similar experience of water rippling in concentric circles with no sound or apparent rotary blades in site?...I felt a huge shock-knock of a flash-back to our sighting like it just had-happened and thought it could really be true what we witnessed that strangest of nights could possibly be from another world?!?...hmm?


We spoke via telephone with the witness and she seemed to us to be sober-minded. We suspect that she is a reliable witness. PD

Posted 2019-06-07

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