NUFORC Sighting 146123

Occurred: 2019-05-22 22:10 Local
Reported: 2019-05-23 12:44 Pacific
Duration: ~5 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Stockton Springs, ME, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aircraft nearby

Unblinking 'star' dot of light moves right to left, zips off, followed by aircraft several minutes later

I went out side last night around 10pm EST to have a small cigar.

The area I live in is relatively rural, so on clear evenings like last night I usually stare at the stars while I smoke. If the direction I was facing is 12 o'clock, then to my 1 o'clock I thought I saw a light (the size and brightness of a star) move 'next' to a relatively bright star. I assumed it was my eyes playing tricks on me and adjusting to the dark. Scanning that general area a few minutes later, I saw a single dot of light moving from right to left. Roughly to my 12 o'clock.

To clarify this was up in the sky, but 12 o'clock to where I was facing.

The dot of light was the brightness of a medium brightness star. Definitely not twinkling, and I was watching it intently for flashing (indicating an aircraft) and there was none. There was also no noise whatsoever. I served two years in the USAF and can confirm that if you can see an aircraft, you'll be able to hear it. And I also know that if it were an aircraft that was far enough away that the running lights would appear that small, it would have been moving much much slower, to the eye of an observer on the ground, than this was.

After maybe 15-20 seconds of watching this point move from right to left, it seemed to stop for half a breath, and started again just before disappearing completely. The way you might expect something to "zip" away.

Needless to say my heart went into my throat and I could feel my eyes go wide.

I stood there scanning the sky where the light had been when I first saw it moving, where it disappeared, and further to the left to see if it was still there, for several minutes. Trying to rationalize what I'd just seen.

I probably could have shrugged it off as just being something weird, if it weren't for what followed .

I can't say how long it was, definitely less than 10 minutes, that I heard air craft engines. Looking up I saw running lights (red, green) so this was definitely an aircraft. There were two of them, one coming from my six o'clock, and one my 12 o'clock. Both appeared to move fast enough that I knew they were essentially directly above me, and from the distance of the lights that they were high up. They passed each other in a 'two lanes of traffic' style. There was also a third aircraft off to my two o'clock, some distance off.

The two aircraft that passed each other traversed the roughly exact area (meaning the one coming towards me was coming from it, and the one coming from behind me was heading towards it) where the spot of light had been.

Given the proximity (chart-wise) of where I am to the airport in Bangor (Bangor International Airport, BIA), seeing aircraft especially at that time of night isn't an anomaly. But the flight paths are ALWAYS either to the left or 10 o'clock to where I was standing or to the right or 2 o'clockish to where I was standing. Depending on whether they're departures or arrivals respectively.

To the best of my memory and knowledge, aircraft never fly in a path directly over the house, one way or the other. And especially not at the same time.

I continued to scan the sky for another 10-15 minutes before I came back inside.

Posted 2019-06-07

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