Occurred: 2017-09-15 02:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2019-04-11 14:21 Pacific
No of observers: 2

Location: Lake Pend Oreille (north end), ID, USA

Shape: Other
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Electrical or magnetic effects, Missing Time

UFO passes directly overhead at high speed in response to our flashlights (we think).

My husband and I have not been able to find a report from anyone else that is similar to what we experienced. I'm posting in the hopes that someone will come forward.

I don't have an exact date, by it was fall of 2017. We we're driving home to Montana in the wee hours of the morning (2 am) and were on the north bank of Lake Pend d'Orielle between Sandpoint and Trestle Creek, closer to the latter. We enjoy rockhounding and there is supposedly a popular site just off the highway through there, and even though it was 2am we decided to try and find this spot. We've hounded/navigated with flashlights many times and we were armed. We find what we thought was the correct pull off, get our gear together, and start hiking, despite heavy rain. Foolish, yes, but that's besides the point. The country is very steep, with lots of rock ledges and outcroppings, and pretty thick with vegetation, so the going is slow and careful. We had been hiking for about 15 minutes and had a view of the Lake and our truck in the turnoff below us when we see an officer pull in and light up our vehicle. We had been keeping our lights aimed low and pointed away from the road and lake so as not to alarm people down below. Anyway, the officer was at our vehicle for about 10 minutes while we stood in the dark watching, curious. He leaves, turns around and does another drive by several times, even turning on his spotlight at one point. At this point, I assume he is concerned that we are broke down and out walking in rain in a pretty isolated area. Curiously, he never lights up or seems to search the other side of the road, only the side we were on. My husband and I are reluctant to come down considering the effort it required to get as far as we had but we're discussing it when the officer apparently satisfied we aren't in the area, fails to come past again. We turn on our flashlights and briefly shine them down towards the empty highway and lake, looking at the terrain we had scrambled up.

Now, this next part happens so fast, a couple seconds at the most and probably less then even one second, that it is only from discussing and writing down the event a few days later that I am able to provide as many details as I am now. We switch our lights to red light mode (less visible) at more or less the same time and haven't even finished turning back towards the mountain when we hear a projectile of some sort come from all the way across the lake, pass just over and between our heads, then up the side of the mountain and gone. This projectile was moving much faster than we thought possible. We are both experienced firearm users and this was not a bullet. It was larger, faster, and there was no sound of a weapon being fired. At all. Nor was there an echo of any sort, which given the location there should have been. Even our voices echoed. The only sound we heard was the air around it moving as the object came across the lake and over the mountain. It was about as loud! as you'd hear if a hard flung ball or rock barely missed your head as it went by but different in pitch. There was no light. Additionally, had it been anything man made or nature caused coming at us like that, there is no way it wouldn't have smacked into the cliff directly behind us or into any of the trees or rocks above us. It was only a couple feet above our heads and the terrain was very steep and very thick in addition to it's speed. Its just not possible. We actually heard/sensed it maneuver, with intent, through the canyon and then the trees as it went. My husband actually dropped to the ground in self preservation, while I, trying to process what that could have been but knowing it wasn't anything I'd had experience with, stood there in shock. His flashlight had turned off completely and mine had changed to strobe mode which I had trouble turning off. We crouched there for a couple minutes not saying much except what the hell just happened before deciding to abandon ship (pun intended) and get off that mountain. We knew we h! ad to tu rn our lights back on in order to do so safely despite our fear. Being him, he all the sudden says "screw it!", turns his light on the brightest setting it has (way bright too) and starts heading down with a purpose and in quick fashion. I followed using my light sparingly but not in red mode. We make it down in one piece and get on our way. When we got in the truck we checked the time and got mad chills- it was still only 2am give or take a few minutes.

Two days later we decided to write down everything about it that we could, plausible or not, and compare. There were no discrepancies. In fact, the similarities on some things are eerie. Such as we both felt rather then saw that the mass of the object was about the size of a basketball but much more streamlined. It had energy within it, for lack of better words. It had intelligence. We both felt that it could have taken our heads off if that was its intent, but had instead given us a warning. There are other things but you get the jist.

The phones we had at the time began to malfunction and glitch out and had to be replaced soon after, same as the flashlights we carried that night.

Being Christian's and not into such things as UFO's, the paranormal, or supernatural, we are hesitant to put such a label on what happened. But that's our story, make of it what you will.


Date of sighting is approximate. PD

Posted 2019-04-12

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