Occurred: 1977-07-01 18:30:00 Local
Location: Woods Mid-NE, LA, USA
Shape: Circle
Duration: 3 seconds
No of observers: 1
Reported: 2019-01-22 12:20:08 Pacific
Posted: 2019-01-24 00:00:00
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object

There was a electrical-like white, glowing sphere in an elliptical that would appear to be a landing pattern during the summer 1977.

I saw one glowing, white, as if generated by electricity, sphere, during ghost stories or putting a flashlight under our faces after the song about the Bering Straight, overhead in front of and to the left, above trees in a elliptical pattern, moving rapidly right, from my NW moving NSE as in descent to a somewhat distant enough location a landing could not have been observed from my location.

No one else seemed to notice or as least no one said anything, nor did I see anyone looking in the direction of the sphere. Possibly, had I pointed out the sphere, by the time people looked up or behind and away from their activities, the sphere would have most likely been out of their field of view at that speed. It was traveling slow enough it could be observed for seconds. I would describe it as zipping as a good rate, but not flashing through the sky. The exact location of the camp or wood is unknown to me, possibly Mid-NE La.


Source of report indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD

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