NUFORC UFO Sighting 144527

Occurred: 1980-07-20 00:00 Local
Reported: 2019-01-16 13:55 Pacific
Duration: ?
No of observers: 7

Location: Athens, OH, USA

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Lights on object, Missing Time

During the summer of 1980, my cousins & I were watching Miami Vice. We lived under a flight path of Wright Patterson Air Force base. Not unusual to see jets flying low over our home. This night however, a very bright light shined into our windows.

We all went outside to see what this was. It was the largest thing I've ever saw. Disc shaped with what now I would call blue white light coming from it. It made no sound at all. It just hung in the air like it was suspended. I do not know how long it was there? It finally moved so quickly that it bent over very large old trees, moved with speeds so quickly that we knew this was not a air force vehicle. The speed at which it moved is unheard of, and the way it turned sideways in the sky was not like any plane, helicopter, or anything else we see in the sky daily. This thing was the size of 4 football fields, made no sound at all, and was still as of it were hanging in the sky.

None of us ever reported this to! anyone d/t the backlash of reporting such things. I was a kid when this happened, and now a adult. This was very frightening, and continues to be one of the most frightening experience I've ever encountered. The light coming from it did stop. Now thinking back on this event the light reminded me of what we call blue florescent light now.

At the time, I remember thinking it was extremely bright. It was still visible due to its enormous size, & outdoor lighting. None of us spoke about this the following day which I find very strange. I only remembered it as a adult having a dream.

I called family members to ask if this is what we saw, and they confirmed it. There were 5 children, and why we didn't remember this, or talk about it afterwards is very unsettling to me.

Posted 2019-01-17

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