NUFORC Sighting 144137

Occurred: 1967-06-30 04:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2018-12-19 15:04 Pacific
Duration: 3 days
No of observers: 5

Location: Saugas, CA, USA

Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted other objects, Emitted beams, Changed Color, Aircraft nearby, Electrical or magnetic effects, Possible abduction, Missing Time, Marks found on body afterwards

In 1967 I am a little kid now. I am sleeping I am awoke by movement. I am so scared what is on my bed, something is moving. I am so hot, I do not want to look. I must bring my head out from under the sheet. I am so hot but I look any way. I am so so frighten, what is this looking at me. look at the nose and eyes. I am so scared, I am going to touch it. OH no it moved back. I then grabbed for the hand it pulled it back. I covered my self back. I was so hot scared at what it was. I was crying, hot,and frighten. MY mom now is coming to the room. She is asking me what happened, I can not tell her what happen, I do not know how to. she tell,s me to go back to sleep. In the morning my dad wants to know why the screen is out of my room and on the ground, this is a second story window. I tell him i do not know.

the next night it happen again, this time I was awoke by my whole door shaking, My Mother come,s in and see,s me shaking around she see,e something shaking! me, and it suddenly it stopped. I am crying and hot sweat is pouring from my forehead, My Mother can,t explain it. She dose tell my father. Again the screen is off. my dad is mad at me, he say,s i am pushing it out. I tell him no. The third IT,S back on my bed other,s in the room,I am so scared I am hot, under my covers, and I do not want leave please I do want go. I see Beings. I am so confused, my mother wanted to know were I was. I tell her I was in bed. she got mad and you were not. This event is now over. the week,s to follow were so disturbing,when the Teacher, want,s to know what is wrong with me. I do not know how or who said something, but I Was interviewed by two people at school. my Parents were there. They kept asking who was taking me and telling me stuff, showing me things. I tell them it,s they. The people want to know. they talked to me for day,s. They told my parents they want take me with them, My Mother told the m No. flunked 4th and 6th. Alls I could talk about was magnetic forces.MY OWN PARENT,S would not! believe in my encounter, they called it i my mind. School was so easy in high school, But through out time I suffered from what people call sleep paralysis. But for me it is missing time. I could go on for ever about missing time,so I,ll let you know that craft,s are able to harness power by condensing hydrogen and other matter by such magnetic forces to turn the gases into medal,s we can,not yet make a machine to perform the propulsion needed to bounce magnetic waves off the planets electromagnet sphere. The sphere is surrounded by millions of some kind of magnets they seem to be floating around the sphere. tremendous power to create mass and manipulate gravity. I also have physical proof on me, supper fine scares under my jaw,teeth fell out now I wear dentures, my thyroid is not there, i have to take levothyroxine to compensate for it. IN 1991 I had a sleep thing to awake seeing a orb shooting to the north when I saw green orb enter the craft to see it glow bright then a red! orb shoots out into space like a laser beam. Missing time is always with me. The next time I saw craft, it was very close to the ground, it was followed by Blackhahk. This was 2 am it was on a path towards Edwards air force base. my window faces west our house faces north. We have a hill about 4 hundred feet away, houses on a round about street, The craft was so big 90 feet or so wide 150 feet or so long, no sound, even the black hawk was silent sounding. TO go back to my childhood i can,not get any old school records. the school district tells me the records get destroyed, I can,t believe that.They tell we do not know who interviewed you back then. my wife has witnessed me leaving through the upper corner of our bedroom, she yells at me to get back to bed, and there I come back to bed. She wakes me and I am scared, It happened again, I,m confused hot. these events went from 1967 to now. But my knowledge about quantum mechanic theory,s. Space is not lined up like fabric la! yered, it is like a big bubble layers upon layers inside one a! nother.T he magnetic forces these crafts propel manipulates space and time to travel. They split dimension,s, and slip through.They are in our world.The craft I seen from my house had 2 big lights that looked huge search lights, It was triangle shaped. Chopped looking. Our hill in front of our house, when the craft went over the hill disappeared it is only about 400 feet high, along with the black hawk. Again i have missing time. If my family was not frighten about what happen and promoted the experience I would have been a special science person. I own my own home. I have the deed to my home with no organization to leave it to, like ufo study. Please I am longing for me to have the opportunity to discuss this further in detail. I know to much for it to go waste. How can we meet or meet with someone in this field. The shows on television are stirring up all my feelings on this matter and I need to understand on more higher level. My wife dose not understand like I do. I do no! t speak to anyone about this. Its been 50 yrs and I want someone to hear me out who do understand. I am looking forward to anyone who reads this letter. phone. I hope to be contacted and help sort this out.Iv,e seen things.


Source of report indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD

Posted 2019-01-04

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