Occurred: 2015-10-23 18:56 Local
Reported: 2018-12-10 20:53 Pacific
Duration: 6-8 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Happy Valley, OR, USA

Shape: Egg

Egg shaped objects with a flame-like tail, three in triangle formation, video link included

(Description written/recorded the night witnessed. I intended to previously submit this, however circumstances following the event caused the submission to be forgotten following drafting the description and posting the video. I showed this video the Clyde Lewis and he encouraged be to submit the report.) Video of object can be seen on Youtube: https://youtu.be/NU6_C_Gqgnc Me and my mother were traveling south-east bound in my car, taking a fork in the road when I spotted and pointed out three objects that appeared to be comets (first thing that went through my mind).. I only saw one at first but two more came into sight moments later as I winded down the curvy road. (total of three) I pointed them out in a bit of a panic because they appeared to be really big. They started out half the size of the moon, though shrank as they moved and appeared to be moving away over and past the mountain. Their movements were 'graceful' being the only way I can describe it. Their tails were white with a bit yellowish toward the end. I slowed to a crawl as we neared an intersection, and noted they were totally silent.

It was not like a firework, nor a flare, the tail seemed to emit off the object so slowly (especially at first when they were quite long). The objects continued making sharp banking turns side to side independent of one another.

The tails curved in response to the movements, glowing fire-like tails lingered quite a ways behind the objects creating them (to such an extent that when they made turns, the tails formed C-shapes).

At this point the third lowest UFO dipped below the houses and vanished as they moved over the mountain. (picture them in a triangle pattern with a flat face down of the triangle, the left most point was lower than the right most two points, with the top point high near the moon in the sky viewing SE) I hurried as quickly as I could into the school parking lot (trying to take care, there were still cars and possibly kids around) at that intersection and parked as quickly as possible.

At this point the right most light was dipping below the house's roof lines, and as I struggled out of the car, flipping my phone on and trying to get it into camera mode the object took one final turn from right to left. Finally I got the camera up and started taking video of the final object which had drastically slowed it's banking movements, and was now slowly descending before vanishing behind a house's roof top.

Towards the end of the sighting, about the time I parked, the object's tails significantly reduced in length.

I know exactly where I parked, and I was facing down towards two homes. So I know right where it was in the sky in what direction. We proceeded to rush in the direction of where the objects dipped behind the houses (which are, in turn, on a mountain/hill. If the objects were still in the sky they could still be fairly high in elevation just on the other side of the mountain. This was our line of thought as we attempted to get on the other side of Mt. Scott.) My mother riding with me got a better look (since I was driving). She reports "The object was silver/metallic egg-shaped. The flame was undulating and was being emitted from object's widest perimeter in a ribbon type form." The video picks up moments before the final object disappeared behind the houses to the other side of the mountain. By this time the objects had grown much smaller due to the distance they've moved and two of the three weren't visible.

The phone's camera shifted to a red tone, ruining the color representation of the object. (I have no idea why). The video is unedited, and the zoom was digital zoom on the phone. For a brief moment before I zoom in, you can see the moon and surroundings for size and perspective.

Exact location information and directional information available upon request.

Posted 2018-12-14

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