Occurred: 2018-11-02 00:30 Local
Reported: 2018-11-26 20:00 Pacific
Duration: 5-6 hrs per night
No of observers: 4

Location: Ontario, OR, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Emitted other objects, Emitted beams, Changed Color, Aircraft nearby, Electrical or magnetic effects, Possible abduction, Missing Time, Animals reacted

Was prospecting in a area in the deserts of Oregon and idaho when my uncle and i noticed two bright lights pinwheeling across the night and we stopped the vehicle and observed bright lights that resembled orbs or stars started to all come together in threes to form a triangle or v formation one bright light staid aloneand only came out when formation to affect almost like he was directing the manuvers. After awhile they broke into 6 per group and came together with 5 of the six forming a U shape with 6th one in the middle, after hours of observing the orbs they all broke formation and lined up individualy in single file from one end of the sky to the other like if it was roll call as the lone orbe came over and after a few minutes some went back in to Triangle formations while others broke into pairs and zipped through the sky like if they were rubber balls jerking left right up and down like a streak of speed. I noticed several falling stars throughout the ! night and also noticed when air craft pass by they dim out and as they pass get bright again. We observed alot of unexplained events the entire night such as 3 bodies standing in the road visual only to the video camera but could not see them in plain view. The middle one was about 8ft tall like a floating shadow with two shorter being standing on each side in white clothing just standing there then i noticed the video didnt save but started recording again and caught them moving across the ground in a blue color haze to the left of us. Then seen what seemed bright head lights coming of the hill side coming straight for my uncle and i, we had atleast 20 sec to discuss who it could be clear out here, maybe fish and game, maybe rancher, spot lighter, or bird hunter when it got about 20 yards away it turned the lights off and i instintly grabbed my head light switch turning on my lights but didn't see any road off the steep rough mountain side and there was no vehicle to be seen. I think i dosed off about 3:30am to awaking to my uncle telling me he's been watching these headlights behind us about 300 yrds away and said it looked like the head lights were traveling on a road going up and down but not bouncing. I said show me were and drove to the location of the lights and observed a structure that was built outta twigs and woven together that resembled a hound dog with a tail and had u branch straight through it coming up above the structure looked like something outta dr suess book. It stood in resemblance of a igloo stood about 4 1/2 feet and as long as 12ft i have video and pictures of the events theres much more but im burnt on typing lol sorry. I have spent 6 days and nights observing them in day and night and always know when things are getting real because clouds start forming like a small storms arising but clouds look like faces...weird i know but we asked two other individuals to join one night and didnt mension why and then one girl screams omg do you see that omg omg what is it and looking up seen 2 li! ghts plnwheeling around a brighter one inside. I can view them any night and let me tell you its thee most amazing light show air show youll ever view and its right there. Ive been told by others who have witnessed thes3 triangle lights and the concure with my story. What are they and why are they world wide and they seem to repeat the same things almost every night some will just move to a spot in the sky and just hover until about 45min till day break they fad3 out.

Oh i forgot to say, we went out to camp for 4 days i and my uncle thought we were on day 4 from nov 1st-4th but realized it was the 6th so lost 2 days somewhere.

Posted 2018-11-30

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