NUFORC UFO Sighting 14386

Occurred: 1983-07-01 15:00 Local
Reported: 2000-10-03 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 11;00pm
No of observers: 2

Location: Sharps Creek, OR, USA

Shape: Diamond
Characteristics: Lights on object, Electrical or magnetic effects

a incident with ufo in sharps creek oregon abduction!

back in july 1983 me and my brother were at my trailer above cottage grove oregon a place just before the sharps creek turnoff. that day it was hot so we decided to put out our sleeping bags to sleep out that night we started to go across the street from our trailer to the swimming hole. to swim it was around 3:00pm in the afternoon i then saw a craft above the trees silver like or crome real shiney i then seen some like beings in the field we were in a 6 acre place i went forward to see then i remember yelling to my brother run ((name deleted)) run i was scared they were not human i tried to run then like an anti gravity field was around me i was floating in the air bout 3 feet off the ground i like tried to swim if you could call it i got to the edge of the anti gravity field then fell off i got up and started running to the main house for help call 911 the phone would not work i looked up again and there the ufo was again above the green house i ran twords the trailer to hide i guess i didnt see my brother during this time, then it was like i could not move and i relised they got me then i remember being on a table like medical table i could hear my dog i like new his thoughts and theirs also i was thinking ill kill them this was wrong they cant do this but they were and i could not stop a thing . just then my brother was comming by on something like i was on i somee how reached out and grabbed his hand and said things will be ok im shure i could do some thing to stop this but couldnt i was yelling in my mind but to no avail they knew how i felt and they did not care. i thought ill get them some how next thing it was like a weird popping sound then irelized my eye was out of its socket on the table but attached i thought im dead i am dead its over then i felt a crunching in my skull they were doing something im my head then i remember a long big like probe like a darning needle but bigger they fut it in my chest causing severe pain then in my upper leg thing i was screaming in pain they didnot c! are they said i would not remember it anyways. and try to be calm no way i could no way then it seemed like a dream ((deleted)) then it was about over they said they were gonna put this thing on my head and that it would block the memory of this i yelled to my brother terry what they were gonna do i yelled dont forget what they did dint forget they are gonna do something to make him forget i said ill remember this pain and ill never forget but i did for about a few days it seemed like a dream. but anny ways we woke up in our sleeping bags looking up at the craft in a diamond shape with red lights blinking in diamond form shape right in front of us at tree top level close since it was a military flight area jets always flying by we listened for jet sound or propellers but no there was just a wosshing sound like wind blowing through trees we chased it like it seemed to me i wanted to talk to them but they hovered and moved acrossthe valley slowly then dissapered over the mountain heading north a few days later while a fan was blowing inside the house as i was waking up it became clear to me. but it was like a dream i belive some thing did happen i have a few scars from thoes probes still to show my brother cant remember the abduction incident but he still remembers the ufo over our trees i have told family members mother and sisters but they never belived me but it happened it really happened as the years have passed i now live in alaska seward alaska and i still have been visited here every few years but the visitations are better im not so scared and i have been told things that have turned out to really happened but i can tell you more later if you want if you tell the common person they think your nuts thats why i have been silent so long but it has to be told it needs to get out something is going on

Posted 2000-12-02

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