NUFORC Sighting 143563

Occurred: 2018-10-22 23:35 Local
Reported: 2018-10-23 20:54 Pacific
Duration: 3-5 seconds

Location: West Branch, IA, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Changed Colo

10-22-18 Fire falling from the sky At 11:35pm I, being a truck driver, have seen many falling meteors in my life. They generally have a diagonal path as they are falling toward earth and they also fall very fast, usually within a split second I could see them burn up as they head toward the ground.

But this night was different. I had just finished my truck driving route or schedule and now I was headed toward home in my Chevy Volt driving north on Baker St. in West Branch, Iowa, a drive I had taken for 13+ years. Of course there was a black sky that night and I had just drove down that small hill that heads out of town. The town was pretty much dead at this late hour around 11:35pm.

I was going about 30 miles an hour when right before my eyes I saw what looked like at first glance a falling meteor. And then I could see the characteristics of it. The path of this object was straight down and I also saw that it was not falling that fast like other meteors, as though it may have been space junk or an airplane. I could also see a bluish and greenish glow coming from which I believe the bottom of this object. There was no tail behind it like a comet. It took about 3 seconds to see this fall looking through the front windshield of my car. That is how slow it was falling. But what took my breath away was how gigantic it was compared to other meteors. It was not small by any means but about the width of the moon. Something just fell out of the sky just maybe a few miles from where I was driving and it seemed like it was just maybe right off of the left side of the road ahead of me. I decided to investigate and so I drove a few miles ahead of my exit toward home. I could not see anything. And so I decided to head back home and while driving on the way back about a mile I passed a Iowa State patrol car speeding along as if he was maybe chasing someone. Of course there was no other cars out that night and so why was he driving that fast, I will never know. He did not have his lights on.

When I arrived home I was somewhat in shock. I did not know what to do about this sign from the heavens. I decided to call the man that is in charge of the UFO sighting on coast to coast. I explained to him the situation and he told me to call 911 just to be sure because it could have been a plane. Or who knows what could have happened. And so I did and also called the Iowa State Patrol and ABC and CBS news stations.

No one seemed to hear anything on police scanners or have seen anything. No reports were made and so time will only tell what truly happened this night. Maybe a farmer will find something in his field, especially since its all farm land north of West Branch, Iowa.

I, being a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ will not be caught dead with lying to anyone about what I saw. I have a godly reputation in this neighborhood. You could not get me to tell a lie if you burned me at a stake for the Bible says, “All liars shall have their part in the lake of fire” in the book of the Revelation. I take this serious!!! I do not even listen to all the UFO reports on coast to coast (90% of the time I don’t even listen to coast to coast) because it seems to always be the same stories told pretty much, and so I just turn off my radio at this time or try to shut it out of my mind. I know there are many false reports but I also know that God Himself will never in a million years allow me to give a false report and live to tell about it. Because it would haunt me within my conscience with fiery guilt and then I would have to make restitution on it.

All I know is that God allowed me to see this sign for a reason. I am 55 years old, never seen anything like this in all my life and I know without a doubt that something huge fell from the sky and it could not have been a meteor or could it? It now could be classified as an Unidentified Flying object. I could now say that I have seen one.

Posted 2018-10-25

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