NUFORC Sighting 143562

Occurred: 2018-10-23 06:05 Local
Reported: 2018-10-23 19:46 Pacific
Duration: 15-20 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Winston-Salem, NC, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Made a sound, Aircraft nearby, Animals reacted

At 6 am today (10-23-2018) to have a cigarette and a minute or two later directly above me was a object 100ft wide 50ft length.

I reported the following to today and found this site and decided to share what I wrote to them.

I stepped out on the balcony just after 6 am today (10-23-2018) to have a cigarette and a minute or two later directly above me was a object that had to be at least 100 foot in width and 50 or more feet in length, 50 feet or less above me just over the tree tops moving 10 to 15 mph in a straight line going East heading towards the city of Winston-Salem, NC, with 4 huge tail lights flashing/strobes bright yellow-orange and red, (multi-colored) randomly without a pattern and one flashing bright red light on top, bright as LED lights and just as it was getting out of sight another one going North but 100 to 150 feet higher and directly above me came and moving about 20 to 25 mph, I was watching that one and to the right of me looking North-East I saw another one heading towards the first one that was now out of sight going 20-25 mph heading South-East and as I was following that one, another one heading South but much higher in the air about 300-400 feet and just above a thin cloud appeared.

I called using 411 the Winston-Salem Police non emergency number and was connected and gave the same account I"m telling you at approximately at 6:15 am and asked them if they could tell me if the Military was doing Drone exercises but they said they would make a report and have someone call back.

At 6:30 am give or take a officer called me back and all she told me was she didn't see anything and wouldn't answer my question if the Military was in the area. The first object did have a hard to describe very slight sound which I can mimic if I had to but I tried to record it with my iPad and it doesn't come out good, I've attached photos (taken within a hour afterwards, it was dark at the time but the sky had lightened up) I took them from my perspective and sketched on them (poorly) what I saw and I hope it gives you a good idea of what I seen. I'm regretting not thinking to grab my iPad and take a video but I was in complete awe of what I was seeing but I'll now be out in the morning ready and waiting to see if t! hey come back. There was a man walking South on the sidewalk and I tried to get his attention so he could witness it too but he didn't respond to me and also in the distance there was a lady walking 4 small dogs that were freaking out when this happened and she was yelling at them and trying to calm them down. I've have never seen anything like this and so close to me that would make me want to file a report, I just want to know if what I saw could be Military Drones.

Thank-you for providing a way for me to share my experience and I'm hoping you can provide some information regarding this experience.

Posted 2018-10-25

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