Occurred: 2018-10-12 02:30 Local
Reported: 2018-10-17 10:05 Pacific
Duration: 3-5 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: North Augusta, SC, USA

Shape: Circle
Characteristics: Lights on object

Bright Glowing Sphere

I was awaken by my significant other around 2:30 a.m.; less than 24 hours after Hurricane Michael came through our area. She told me that someone was in the back yard with a flashlight and they were shining the light into the house. She told me she was going to the bathroom and noticed the hallway was brightly illuminated. The hallway is typically very dark. This scared her and she decided to wake me. The backyard is very dark, even on full moon nights, due to the very close proximity of thick trees to the house. The house sits on the side of a steep hill, so the crown of the trees are progressively lower and thicker due slope of the yard. The trees are currently full. The leaves have not started to fall and very little light reaches from the street below the house. The street below the house is approximately 100 yards through the woods from my house.

I got out of bed and could tell the light was so bright that it was glowing from above the openings of the black out curtains in the room where I was sleeping. I approached the backyard flood light switches next to rear windows (also next to the bed and a door that leads out to the backyard) and placed my hand on the curtain. I wanted to turn on the backyard lights, four in total, and open the curtains to observe what I anticipated to be a prowler with a large spotlight. Before I opened the curtain, I observed what appeared to be a circular light source directly in front of me. I could see the shape of the light source through the black out curtain due to the intense brightness. I simultaneously turned on the backyard flood lights and pulled back the blackout curtain. The unidentified light source disappeared at the same time I turned on my flood lights. Instantly and with no delay the light was gone. My significant other said aloud...with disbelief..."It's gone!! ". I continued to scan the backyard to see if I could detect movement and listened for noise. I heard and saw nothing. I proceeded upstairs to get a better vantage point overlooking the backyard. I also went outside the front door and around to the side of the house to investigate...Nothing and Nothing. Eerily and unusually quiet.

Went back to the bedroom and asked what exactly she observed. She told me the empty room next to ours was glowing with bright light and it scared her. The empty room has floor to ceiling glass windows that face the backyard. The windows have thin translucent sheers and not blackout curtains. She looked into the room and stated the source of the light was coming from approximately a 2 o'clock elevated position from observing window. She also told me the light was pulsating from bright to brighter slowly. Also, she stated that she didn't hear any noise coming from the light source. I commented that the dogs, at the neighbors homes, many kept outside, typically bark at everything during the night were abnormally quiet. The insects were also quiet.

The next day during daylight I investigated the backyard and the woods to check for any disturbances. Nothing unusual was found. I questioned my neighbors and they did not see or hear anything. I also questioned the neighbors at the bottom of the hill in the direction of the light source. They also observed nothing.

Posted 2018-10-18

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