Occurred: 2018-09-05 09:39:00 Local
Location: Kinnelon, NJ, USA
Shape: Orb
Duration: <30 seconds
No of observers: 1
Reported: 2018-09-06 09:56:34 Pacific
Posted: 2018-09-13 00:00:00
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object

Definitive Bright White Silver Circle UFO Sighting Over NJ

On September 5th, 2018 at 9:39 a.m. EST, I walked out my front door to bring my recycling out.

A turkey vulture was riding the air currents at a hundred feet in the sky. As I traced its glide from dead center of my visual field to my left, I saw the following at well beyond 50k ft. altitude: - Due Western Sky @ 268 degrees (I checked this later with my iPhone Compass App, thus I can confirm that) - Conditions of sky/weather: Clear Blue sky; No Clouds – not one; No precipitation; unobstructed view; “Rural” sky – no city/urban/sub urban type of interference - Duration of sighting: approx. 20 to 30 seconds, not having looked at any time device - Witnesses: Self only - What: o Bright white/silver round orb. VERY bright, which is why my eyes fixed upon it.

WAY too far up altitude to make out any distinguishing features. Object well beyond cruising altitude of any commercial jet, never mind military (SR-15 or U-2) type jet either.

Object seen simply standing stationary in the sky - no movement. Non-orbiting.

Knee Jerk mental reaction was, “Why is there a star in the sky so bright that I’ve never seen, and especially because it’s nearing 10 in the morning?” Caught my attention due to its brightness and unexpected sight as I pondered the above, staring at it through my polarized sunglass lenses…

THEN! It moved! o It almost instantaneously ‘zipped ‘from where it had been standing in my eye sight to another “close in the visual field” 2nd location and stopped for approximately 5 seconds. I continued watching in awe.

o Five seconds later, it ‘zipped’ again almost instantaneously to a 3rd location, still within my “visual field”. There it sat for another 5 seconds. I removed my sun glasses to make sure I wasn’t “seeing things”. It was still visible to my naked eye.

o Then it ‘zipped’ again to the 4th still “close in the visual field” location, where it rested for another 5 seconds.

o Then it ‘zipped’ again to the 5th still “close in the visual field” location, BUT: this 5th location was to the right of where I first witnessed the object, crossing over its previously traveled path o There at the 5th location, the object again paused for 5 seconds, where after it simply “vanished” from sight. I stared. I looked for more movement. I scanned my visual field. I put my sunglasses back on. It was no longer visible or locatable anywhere in my visual field. The object did not “zip” to a 6th location from what I could see. There simply was no trace.

o All the above described was immediately documented by me by hand as I rushed back into my residence. This includes a sketch of the objects pattern of movement in my visual field until it was no longer seen.

- Considerations: The first person I spoke with after my sighting was Peter Davenport. I found him through a quick Google Search, as I wanted to report my sighting to “not just anyone” – but to an ‘authority’ on such things, not an ‘authority’ that could care less (i.e. the police, the mayor’s office, etc.) I later that afternoon told my daughter, and my girlfriend. They urged me to contact a news organization(s), which I did, but without photo or video evidence they (the news organizations) were disinterested in my account. I, so far as I know it to be, was the only witness to this event.

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