NUFORC Sighting 142976

Occurred: 2018-02-12 02:00 Local
Reported: 2018-09-02 17:34 Pacific
Duration: 30 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Trinidad (close to NM border), CO, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Missing Time

Light colored 5 light Boomerang UFO

My wife and I were traveling back from Trinidad, Colorado, back to Addison, Texas, where we live. We were within a few miles of the New Mexico border. It was very heavily snowing and we were driving in the mountains, so it was very dangerous.

Well, off to the right, just barely above the tree tops was what I now realize to be a boomerang shape, except with points on the front of the aircraft and and points on the wingtips so not rounded like a boomerang. It was so so so huge. Its had the round like or dome shaped lights that were all on the bottom of the aircraft. There were 5 lights on the bottom. There was one light at the center or front and then a light on each wing in the middle and then a light on each wing at the end near the two wing tips.

This plane was basically gliding just barely over the tree tops and it appeared to be looking for somebody. In Texas, we constantly have police helicopters shining lights down and looking for somebody, and I thought thi! s was some military plane doing the same thing. It was gliding so so slow though. Maybe 20 mph tops. I could see the color of the plane due to tue snow on the ground and the moonlight helping light everything up. It was either grey or silver in color.

I pointed it out to my wife in a shock sort of panic mostly because it was ao huge and so close. My wife kept saying where and I kept pointing it out between the trees. I have no idea why but I am the only person of the two of us who was able to see it. Once we passed being directly across from it, I could no longer see it. I kept trying to see it in my rearview mirror and mirrors on my doors but I couldnt see it. It was too dangerous due to the snow and ice on the mountains for me to use my cell phone or even pull over at all due to the semis behind me that were honestly scaring me pretty bad. I relied on my wife and her cell phone and for whatever reason, she just couldn't see it. I kept asking her how she could not see it because it was probably the biggest aircraft id ever seen flying that low in my life, and we were in the middle of nowhere with the only lights beyond the ones from the plane in the woods being the lights traveling along this road in front of and behind me. I couldn't believe she couldn't see this too. I'm not sure if anybody is familiar with this road, but its the main interstate coming out of Trinidad and close to the New Mexico border and in the area that is in the mountains and has no street lights. I was paying attention to the surroundings on my way to Trinidad in this same area except in the day time unlike when I was driving home to Texas. It was the middle of the night, probably around 2:00 AM or so and very very dark. This area is the area that has a lot of very very old looking powerline poles that really make you wonder how the people who put them there, got them there because these poles were on the steepest of mountain sides but someone still got them there. Hopefully, sonebody knows or is familiar with where I am talking about.

I spent the entire rest of my drive home googling military planes and the stealth bomber and tried to even figure out if there were new military planes that basically hover. I came up with no answers. It wasn't until a friend joked saying it was a probably a UFO, that I googled into triangle shaped UFOs which lead me to boomerang shaped UFOs and then once I googled boomerang UFOs, I found the exact shape and light location as the what id call UFO that I saw. The ones that I found online were all black colored and the one I saw was not so that was the only difference in the one that I saw because the one I saw was either grey or silver or just really light in color. They showed some boomerang UFOs online with 7 lights on the bottom. That was not the one I saw. The one I saw had only 5 lights on the bottom.

Posted 2018-09-13

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