NUFORC Sighting 142280

Occurred: 2018-07-14 19:00 Local
Reported: 2018-07-16 11:35 Pacific
Duration: 10+ minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Seattle, WA, USA

Shape: Circle
Characteristics: Emitted other objects, Aircraft nearby

Stationary Object With Extension Emerging Retracting High Above SeaTac or Boeing Field.

Having just paid, we lined up for the Bainbridge Island ferry in downtown Seattle, on the north side of Colman Dock. At the time it was 81 degrees F, the skies were clear and blue and visibility was good.

After walking to the end of the dock to take photos I returned to the car. At about 7pm, while watching a jet flying overhead, I noticed (also to the south) a white round or oval object a bit to the west of and much higher up than the jet. It did not seem to be either taking off or landing so I watched it. After a few minutes it remained in place so I pointed it out to my husband.

He thought its shape was odd (not plane-like). At first he thought it was moving but after observing it for a minute or so said it was remaining in place.

At about 7:05pm we both saw something extend out of it temporarily (for between 15 to 20 seconds). The extension appeared smaller than and the same color white as the main object and it too was also round or circular. At 7:05pm I took one photo of the object with my cell phone.

After maybe 30 seconds the same object emerged from the main object again. Again it retracted into the main object. Thereafter, during the entire time we watched, this happened at the same intervals regularly. The second object may not have been extending and retracting but only appearing to as perhaps the entire object may have been rotating with something extended from it. It was too far to tell.

After watching for a bit the second object appeared to me to be an arm with something circular at the end of the arm. My husband saw a round object emerging and returning to the main round object (no arm). He thought the extension was maybe another (a second) circular object like the main one.

At no time did we see anything actually leave the main object. We agreed as we watched that it was not a plane, conventional drone, kite, blimp, or helicopter (it had no tail, wings, or rotor). We did not hear any noise from it. At 7:08 I took a second photo of it with my cell phone.

We tried but could not identify it and got back into the car to wait (where it was cooler because of the A/C). We each looked at the object every so often. At around 7:10pm my husband said it was slowly fading. I looked and thought it was maybe drifting south but my husband thought it was slowly ascending. After a couple of minutes we could no longer find it.

Though the line for the Bainbridge Island ferry was about one third full by 7:05pm during the sighting I did not notice anyone else watching it. There were cars lined up on the south side of the ferry terminal heading to Bremerton but I could not see them so I do not know if anyone there saw it.

Based on its relative position: to us where we were on Colman Dock and to the various jets we saw take off, it appeared to have been over Boeing Field or SeaTac Airport, but was at a much higher elevation than the jets taking off. As it was far above us, there was no way to estimate its size.

Neither of us ever did identify it.

Of the two photos I took, neither is a good photo but after zooming in fully, the object is visible in each photo. In the 7:05pm photo it is a white diamond shape with rounded diamond points. In the 7:08pm photo it is smaller than it is in the first photo, and not a diamond but a blurry conical shape. No extension is visible in either photo.

Posted 2018-07-19

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