NUFORC UFO Sighting 14222

Occurred: 2000-09-15 19:45 Local
Reported: 2000-09-22 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 30 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Wister, OK, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Aircraft nearby

Observed a dark colored, unlighted triangular object apparently following a turboprop commuter airplane.

I was out on my patio relaxing and watching aircraft pass over my home. There is a busy air corridor that passes over my home, probably mostly Chicago - Dallas traffic. I enjoy watching the aircraft pass by. About 7:45pm I noticed an airplane I believe to have been a twin turboprop commuter plane (maybe a Brasilia) traveling the usual flight pattern from northeast to southwest. I am not a good judge of elevation, but I would guess the plane was at 9,000 to 12,000ft. The sun was down and it was dusk so I could see the usual red, green and white strobe lights on the airplane. I could hear the plane faintly. The plane passed behind a tree in my yard and I watched to see it come from behind the tree. The airplane came into sight again and after a moment, I noticed a dark, triangular object that appeared to be following the airplane. The object did not display any lights and was behind the airplane at an apparent distance of about the width of my hand at arms length. It appeared to be at the same elevation as the airplane and of similar size. My first thought was that I might be seeing a large bird that just happened to be gliding along a similar course as the airplane, but after a few seconds I could see that it was not a bird. It then occurred to me that I might be seeing a shadow cast by the airplane on the thin clouds. There was also a contrail that was thinning out and creating some cirrus-type clouds. The clouds were thin and broken and a lot of brighter stars were becoming visible. I observed that there was no direct sunlight striking the airplane and that the angle was wrong to be some kind of shadow. I concluded that the object was some kind of triangular craft and that it was indeed following the airplane. There was a denser contrail running north-northwest to south-southeast and the airplane crossed this contrail as it continued southwest. When the triangular object crossed the contrail it disappeared. It was suddenly just not there anymore. I carefully watched behind the airplane until it was out of sight but I did not see the object again. Since the airplane was approaching the lighter part of the western sky, the object should have been more readily visible the further west they traveled, but the object was just not there anymore and I did not see it again. The airplane maintained a straight course southwest until out of sight. As for the triangular object, it was dark and I could not see any details, other than it was triangular in shape, it was similar in size to the airplane, it did not display any lights, and I did not hear any sound that I associated with it. It did not appear black, but rather a dark charcoal color around the perimeter and a lighter gray in the center. This difference in color was not sharply delineated. About fifteen to twenty minutes after I saw the object, a large jet aircraft came from the northwest and virtually bisected the point where the object disappeared. The jet then curved from a southeast course to a south-southeast course and moved rapidly out of sight. It may just have been a coincidence, but if the jet had been sent to the area to look for the object, its most likely point of origin would have been Tinker AFB near Oklahoma City. Curiously, the jet left a contrail across the night sky that seemed to glow softly and the contrail persisted for almost an hour. That is all that I recall about the incident. I hesitated to report it, but maybe someone else saw it and will report it as well. I do not believe the triangular object was an F-117 or a B-2. I have seen both of these aircraft in flight more than once and really don't think it could have been either one. I would not be surprised to know that it was some kind of secret aircraft, but I can't imagine why it would be following an airplane in a relatively busy air lane. I also can't imagine how it could have vanished like it did.

Posted 2000-12-02

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