NUFORC Sighting 14112

Occurred: 1985-04-27 18:30 Local
Reported: 2000-09-14 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 19:30
No of observers: 3

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Shape: Cylinder
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Left a trail, Emitted beams, Changed Colo

Redball of light flew sideways in front of window, Mom broth. and I turned and stared. coverded with light knocked us out.

I was about 7 I am 21 now. My brother mom and eye went up to my room to fold laundry. We were visiting our mom for the summer, in Ridgeway Colorado. It was still a little daylight out. I remember looking outside. well we were folding when suddenly from in back of me and my brother and the front of my mom hovered a red ball of glowing light. We quickly turned and backed up trying to figure out what this is, besides my mom who didn't do anything but look up at it. But before we could really try to move, time slowed way down. I stood there looking at my brother but he was right in front, 5 feet from the window so I guess because he was lookin right at it he couldn't move. I am a little more observant but the light got very bright and I could see the light wrapping around my brother. This didn't take long but it felt very long as the light got my attention and got me. I remember my eyes shutting with cray red light all around us in the room. When I looked at my mom she was completely out, from the back of my older brother I could see he couldn't move. I woke up quickly in front of the window with the red ball still there as if staring, or wanting for me to see. Then slowly it moved to the left then shooting at a angle forward from where i was, but 5 feet to the left outside, into the sky and disapearing. I get this sick half dazed feeling that half way threw that wall I started to wake up. My mom went right back to the dryer which is 2 feet from the bed, my brother remembered that day probably for only two days cause he wrote it in his diary the next day. We were small kids so we put it off as a shooting star but I never put any kind of label on it because I know what I saw.(red ball of light, getting my family to fall asleep and then do somthing with me) They don't remember it. I finally said to myself whatever and left the room after this happened to go to the restroom. I felt no shock really, I think I was old enough remember but not tocare at the time. And my mom and brother never talked about it past one second after it happened. My mom at the dryer as I walked by was looking at her watch and said to my brother and I that a hour passed and it was dark outside. They say that the sun bouncin off mountains turn the sky red, in Colo. but that is bull, because I think what ever happened to me and my family just happened to someone else. I have seen three other times a light shine into my room, when I was living in Arcata, CA, and once here in S.F.Ca. It was fun that first time but now I can't help but get mad when I feel my self going into paralysis. 1.Lights circlin in my room. One distinct shadow flew from window through wall into dads room. Only my eyes can move. ( my eyes can usually move in paralysis) 2.White cigar shape flys in front of window, hear very high freq. noises, very scared. 3.Pure white light shower in threw window. I know its real cause It was completely real and scary I can feel the fear when I think about it.

Posted 2000-09-17

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