NUFORC Sighting 139804

Occurred: 2018-05-05 19:32 Local
Reported: 2018-05-10 09:47 Pacific
No of observers: 1

Location: Burbank, CA, USA

Shape: Rectangle

Adult male witnesses 8-sided pyramid fly directly overhead near Burbank Airport.

Incident Report: The following is a report of the occurrences of the evening of 5/5/18 in Burbank, CA, at 7:32 PM.

While speaking with a family member on my cell phone in my own backyard, I looked up into the due westerly direction of the dusk sky (which occured at 7:30 PM that evening) I noticed something approaching in the sky at approximately a 35 degree angle to my reference on the ground. I thought it looked like a mylar balloon or at least a highly reflective metal of some kind.

I quickly realized the object was actually moving in my direction, slowly it appeared at first. I cannot say for certain but I would have put its altitude at approximately 300-500 ft. As it approached, I noticed that it had flat sides on the top and the bottom of the object and was a diamond type of shape, with 8 sides. Four equal sides on top and four below, similar to two pyramids turned towards each other at the base. The lower portion of the object coming into clear view as it passed at 90 degrees to me I could see that it too had four equal sides matching the top. The underside seeming slightly darker, I imagine, because of its reference to the falling sun on the upper portion of the object. The sky was lit by a fair amount of sunlight still. The object made no sound whatsoever. It left no trail of exhaust or describable propulsion of any kind that I could see.

I was shocked to see the object traveled more or less directly over my home and continued on a due easterly direction at a speed that I also cannot say for certain however, again, if having to choose a speed I would say it maintained a speed of between 50-100 mph. Probably closer to the 50 side I believe. I had the presence of mind while it was directly over me to open up my camera app and start snapping in its now eastern reference to me at about 30 degrees where it passed behind some trees and I lost sight of it. I just aimed in the objects direction snapping two photographs as it was on its easterly course just before it passed out of view. Information embedded in the photos state the time of the photos at 7:32 PM establishing the exact time of the occurrence. I had approximately a 120 degree view of the sky and it completely passed through that view in that 20-30 seconds. The object in the pictures can be seen at just above and to the right of the tree. Upon zooming in the flat sides of the object as well as its diamond shape can be discerned.

If comparing its size to the full moon I would have to say that at its closest point, when at a 90 degree reference to me, it would have been about the size of the full moon itself.

Interestingly, the path of the object appeared to violate FAA airspace as it crossed the north/south orientation of both outgoing and incoming air lanes about a mile from the south end of the runway at Bob Hope Ineternational Airport. I live just south of the airport and see the planes using these air lanes all day.

Perhaps related, or perhaps not, I wanted to mention that perhaps 20 minutes prior to the incident I witnessed four black hawk helicopters in a line formation coming into what appeared to be a landing at the airport from the south. I have no idea if this is related or coincidence. The helicopters had no describable insignia that I can recall. All black.

Attached are the two photographs I took.

Regards, ((name deleted))

Posted 2018-05-10

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