NUFORC Sighting 139310

Occurred: 1988-05-01 11:15 Local
Reported: 2018-03-30 07:57 Pacific
Duration: 20 minutes
No of observers: 10

Location: Bridgeport, CT, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object

Large triangular with lights in a "V" shape.

The date above is not accurate. Back between may '88 & july '89, I saw a UFO in CT. It was a LARGE triangular one with lights. Moved rather slowly, I'd say 40mph if that over Bridgeport CT. Fact is I was a cop at the time on duty. Sitting on the booking entry roof making out my end of shift reports & killing 20 min as shift was ending when I spotted this large thing heading almost directly towards me. While looking at it & realizing it was nothing I ever saw before, I radio'd in my car number ID & said, "Any reports of a UFO coming in now"? Then the dispatchers mic keyed in & I can hear about a dozen call takers in the background, laughing, when the dispatcher says "Not until you"! I said, "well, I am looking directly at one now"! Again, the dispatcher keyed his mic & there was a bunch of background laughter "where is it?" I said "Im on the booking roof, get out of the basement (of City Hall where dispatch was) & lo! ok to your right, HURRY and you will see it!" So I walked down the ramp as my PD building hid city hall from my view & saw them all coming out to see. It had to be about 11:15 pm or 11:45pm, cant recall if I was on early or late shift. By that, I mean so at any given time, there's at least half the cars patrolling, so one shift ends at 11:30, the next 2nd shift ends at 12:00am.

So they all came out & were in awe at the size of it. I radio'd the dispatcher to ask to call the airport as that was about 3-5 miles away and it was heading in that direction & should have had that on radar although this was less than 1,000 feet off the ground. I don't know what height they pick things up. Dispatcher said airport says cant see it, nothing on radar. Within 20 minutes, it was out of sight, but appeared to turn to head in another direction, as if an angle of a triangle, not a U-turn, back towards heading North(?) towards Massachusettes (55 miles away). I later saw a friend & she too saw it above Stratford.

Next day read in the paper that it was spotted up the Hudson river if I recall right. Later over the years watching UFO series documentarys, I believe I saw one that was in Europe that looked like what I saw. This was huge, I'd say like a football field size at least, even at that height & distance away, less than a half a mile.

It was a huge thing, about the size of a football field I'd say, with 6 or 8 lights in a "V" shape. There still may be people that work in the complaint bureau or can be easily located to verify this incident I witnessed even though 30 years ago. With the internet now, it has piqued my interest especially having seen a show recently that showed what I saw.

I'm only stating this now as over the years seeing the shows & documentarys, I believe I saw an episode where one was spotted if I recall right, in Europe like the one I saw, but think that was early 90's.

Posted 2018-04-05

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