NUFORC Sighting 139229

Occurred: 2018-03-16 12:00 Local
Reported: 2018-03-22 10:50 Pacific
Duration: 2 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Cedar Park, TX, USA

Shape: Sphere
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Aircraft nearby

High speed metallic sphere shooting across Central Texas skies.

On Friday March 16, 2018, I was walking my dog along the greenbelt on the northern side of Veterans Memorial Park in Cedar Park, Texas. The loop around the park is about 1 1/3 miles total.

An aviation buff and lifelong sky watcher, I noticed a white/silver metallic sphere moving at a high rate of speed tracking roughly south to north at an estimated 10-15,000 above ground level. There was no exhaust or visible means of propulsion in a standard sense.

While holding my dog’s leash I grabbed my mobile phone out of my pocket to attempt to record some video before the sphere would be lost in my line of sight over the tree line. The video is terrible since I was juggling the dog leash and fighting with the sun glare on my phone. There are only a few frames of the object.

I have seen the same type of sphere moving at a fast speed a few years before, ironically, while walking my dog at the park. It is only because of the following activities that I was prompted to get this event documented.

After losing sight of the object, I continued around the trail, wondering whether what I witnessed was advanced human technology, or something otherworldly.

Minutes later, at approximately 12:07 while walking southbound on the western side of the greenbelt, I heard a low hum and looked left and up. At an altitude of approximately 10,000 feet, I saw what I’m convinced was an Air Force C-17 Globemaster, a huge four engine cargo jet. In nearly four years of living in Central Texas, I’ve never seen one before. It was tracking the same south to north direction of the flying metallic sphere, but approximately two miles east. I could only wonder if the C-17 was tracking the sphere, or it had released the sphere itself in some military test, or if seeing the two in the space of 7 minutes was coincidental.

Two days later, on Sunday March 18, 2018, I was, again, walking my dog around the park. While walking northbound on the east side of the park, I began to hear a low rumble and recognized the sound of military helicopters. Only occasionally do you see any military choppers over Cedar Park, even given that the US Army Base Fort Hood is only 45 air miles away north northeast.

I stopped and looked around for the choppers. This was 11:22 a.m. Central. What I believe were two Apache attack choppers were about one-half mile south from location, and traveling west at approximately 3,000 feet above ground level. They were flying close together with the lead chopper staggered to the left of the other. What happened next made my jaw dropped the lead chopper abruptly jerked the chopper right (north) over roughly the same track the metallic sphere had been flying two days earlier. The lead chopper’s move must have come to a surprise to the back chopper, because there was nearly a mid-air collision. The two choppers continued that course until I lost sight of them because of the tree line. Just as I was getting to my car to load my dog and head home, I heard another low hum at 11:32 a.m. Flying the same course west as the other two choppers was a lone Apache. And it made the same move (but smoother) of heading north along the track of the other choppers and the metallic sphere two days earlier.

I have no idea as to what these events mean. I can only chalk them up to high strangeness at this time.

Posted 2018-03-23

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