NUFORC Sighting 137572

Occurred: 1997-03-17 20:15 Local
Reported: 2017-12-04 23:31 Pacific
Duration: ~4 minutes

Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA

Shape: Light

The Phoenix Lights, March 13, 1997 . . . I Saw Something Different.

The Phoenix Sighting March 13th, 1997, I Saw Something Different. This is my story.

It was March in North Phoenix, Arizona. The Mulberry tree was bare of its leaves, and the weather was chilly. My residence at the time was at twenty Fourth Avenue just south of Union Hills Road. This is near the I-17 freeway, and just east of it.

It was a cool, clear and quiet night with no clouds. It was eight fifteen in the evening mountain standard time. I decided to go outside in my backyard. I brought my book and book light. I was sitting in my folding chair in the middle of the lawn facing southwest.

As I was reading, something caught my attention. To the north, my right peripheral vision alerted me to huge bright lights approaching low and coming right at me! It was very low. Immediately, I thought something was going to crash. Get down! I dropped my book and lamp. The chair fell over. I found myself lying on my back, my face up, looking directly up at the sight.

My view was unobstructed. It was not a plane. It was five very large round soft lights, that did not shine down; that glided along silently, in a v formation. There was absolutely no wings. There was absolutely no fuselage or body. I saw clearly the black sky and stars between each large light. Of this, I am absolutely certain.

The five lights were moving together very slow and low. Each light was distinctly separate and detached from one another. Silence.

The mulberry tree was near the west end of the yard near the wall. I was in the center of the yard. The v formation extended directly over top of me; and over the neighbors' yard on the other side west of the property wall. I could see the entire formation.

There were no flashing lights. There were no colored lights. All five large round lights were white. The lights were not shining down. The lights were soft and white. It was silent.

It was amazing to see such a spectacular sight. I even waved at the lights. There were no windows or portals, and there was no body or wings. The five large lights were gliding together in formation; but they were separate and independent of one another. The formation was gliding very slow. I thought that if it moved any slower that it would come to a stop right there in the air. The silent formation continued on its way south toward downtown Phoenix. I stood up and watched it until it was out of view.

I went inside and recorded in writing my incredible experience in my journal. That night I thought I was the only one who saw this amazing sight. I went to bed. The next morning it was all over the news.

The news said there was a report of the Lights called in by a eighteen wheeler truck driver who was heading south on highway I-17. This was just before the Lights arrived at my location.

The news videos showed what happened when the five large round lights in v-formation arrived over downtown Phoenix. There they were, stationary in the air, at a complete stop. They presented themselves this way. Once they had everyone's attention, suddenly they all blinked out.

Then after a few moments they blinked on, one at a time until there were twelve lights. They were in an arch formation with a single light behind and alone a short distance down from the inside of the arch. It reminded me of a stingray formation with the single light representing the tail.

The Phoenix lights remained like this for quite some time. Clearly, who ever or whatever they were certainly wanted the people to notice them. It was visibly observed by hundreds of folks downtown. The twelve lights remained stationary in mid air for quite some time.

When the five lights arrived in the skies over downtown Phoenix, they were much higher and appeared much smaller, like tennis ball size. There was filmed news coverage and many civilian reports. Small aircraft were flying under them. Large jets were landing and taking off at the Phoenix International Airport. News and police helicopters flew around. Luke Air force base sent out jets to investigate. Air Traffic control was inundated with calls. People were out and about downtown and saw it all. Calls were flooded in to the police and sheriff’s departments. Nobody had any answers.

The stingray formation remained stationary in place above the Phoenix sky downtown for quite a while. When they were ready, all the twelve circular lights suddenly blinked out together. Then they reappeared again as five large circular lights in a chevron formation. This was exactly the way the lights were as I originally witnessed them at very close range.

Silently, they moved together in the Chevron formation to the west and flew slowly and silently turning north again near the 101 freeway; and continuing north and out of sight.

After this, for days and weeks talk and speculations abounded. There was a town meeting called to discuss what the people saw. Jim Dilettoso of Village Labs in Tempe, Arizona, digitally examined the video and film data. It was scientifically determined the lights were not flares. All lighting was compared with the different types of lighting in Phoenix.There were no matches. It was determined there were no known lights of this kind, and considered it an unknown.

I want to say that what I saw was different and closer than what many others saw. I saw it up close. It was close enough that it was a stone’s throw away. I am a credible witness, educated and I hold a doctorate.

I have not heard any witness reports of this sighting as close as I witnessed it.

For example, Scottsdale is quite a ways east of Phoenix and the I-17. There was a woman in north Scottsdale that saw the formation but it was very tiny at that distance that was nearly microscopic. She took pictures. All that was in the picture were very tiny dots of light. This witness and others who were not anywhere close to the sighting claimed there was a fuselage and wings between the lights. Some said there were windows and beings looking out the windows. I beg to disagree. I can assure you this is nonsense.

I saw what I saw and I don’t deny it. This is my story. This is the absolute truth.

Respectfully submitted.

PS. I have remained silent until now because at the time I was in practice and was employed by a corporation. If I spoke of such things, I would have risked my job. So I kept silent until now. Today, I am retired, and I am relieved to at last tell the truth of my Phoenix Lights experience.

Posted 2017-12-08

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