NUFORC Sighting 13705

Occurred: 2000-08-06 21:30 Local
Reported: 2000-08-08 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 10min.
No of observers: 4

Location: Fresno, CA, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Lights on object

Two nights in a row. We were not scared, even though we knew they could not possibly be planes.

I went outside during a commercial on TV and looked up into the sky facing North. The sky was clear and the stars were easy to see. I saw an extremly bright red light comming from the North heading South very high in the sky. It was quite large and moving not like a plane but sort of sideways kind of like a Z but still in the same direction. It had a red light and a green light but no light in the front like a plane. I called for my husband to hurry because it was moving kind of fast. My husband and children came out also. It passed almost directly over us and had very bright light on the bottom but made no sound. I don't know if we heard nothing because it made no sound or because it was so high up, but the white lights on the bottom were very bright. We had to walk to the street to continue to see it because of the roof top and because of the brightness we were able to watch it for about 10 minutes, until we lost it. I wanted to tell people at work the next day but didn't want people to think I was strange. Then tonight 8/7/00 when my husband went outside around 9:45pm I followed him we saw 2 objects comming from the north east heading in a straight line south east, like the night before just as high in the sky but moving fast. There were two airplanes with one of the objects in back and it moved so fast it passed the airplane like it was standing still. The objects lights have a different look than a plane. We watched them and the planes until the tree got in the way. Then about 5 min later there were 3 more comming from the same direction moving very fast faster than a jet and flashing only red lights. At one point one disappeared (no lights) then they all disappeared (lights gone) then reappeared (lights on all at the same time). They were in an -l pattern (like a backwards L). It took only a few min maybe 1-3 to pass from the north to the south then out of sight because of the tree. I saw no white lights tonight. We have a reserve base in Fresno and we see alot of jets fly. We also ha! ve an ai rport and can see the planes take off. These objects including the planes did not take off from Fresno due to the high altitude they were flying and the proximiaty of the airport to my home. The objects were flying faster than any jet I have seen take off from Fresno. We do not live in the airports flight path, planes don't usually fly over our house. The objects tonight were in the same flight path as we see the big jets fly. Tomorrow night I plan on looking for them between 9-10pm hopefully the sky will be clear again.


We do not know what the witness is describing, but she states that the object had a red light and a green light on it. These colors are suggestive to us of an aircraft. Any vessel, either a ship or an aircraft, must have a red light on its left side, and a green light on its right side, in order to facilitate avoidance during navigation at night. PD

Posted 2000-08-19

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