NUFORC UFO Sighting 13657

Occurred: 1999-09-06 02:00 Local
Reported: 2000-08-04 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 2 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Carrollton, TX, USA

Shape: Flash

My boyfriend and I witnessed an intense flash of light yellowish,orange and I thought a plane exploded in midair.

I had an unexplained sighting last year out here in my little area,and to be honest after it happened I came home to see if anything had been reported on what was seen by my boyfriend & I.Unfortunately I found no other people who had reported it so I let it go. But I visited this website and found a report a gentleman had submitted also from Carrollton so now I don't feel so insecure.This would be the second sighting lol in Carrollton that has been noted.. Last year August 6,1999 my boyfriend and I were coming home from a visitation with my friends in Richardson.As we were sitting at the intersection of Old Denton Rd and MacArthur Dr at approximately 1-2 am (we lived in apartments located on MacArthur Dr.) I happened to look out my side of the windshield.Apparently my boyfriend saw me look up and did the same just as we did a bright flash of yellowish, orange light occured.To be honest it was so extreme I had thought a plane had exploded in the sky..I looked at my boyfriend and asked what he saw,and he described the flash of light and how powerful it seemed kind of like an explosion.I said okay that's about what I saw and he tried to explain it away to me as he is semi skeptical of UFO's and such.First he tried telling me it was just some kind of a plane hidden in clouds but it was a clear night no clouds in sight..Then he tried the most plausible explanation heat lightning (we're now discussing this in the car in the parking lot of our apartment building) I look at him and stated a good case,first there was no flash before that one and not another flash after it.. To this day it is unexplained and apparently we were the only ones who saw this incident,I know there was a car behind us but as I was not in that car I have no idea if that person did or did not see it..

Posted 2000-08-05

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