NUFORC Sighting 13642

Occurred: 2000-08-01 22:55 Local
Reported: 2000-08-02 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 5 min
No of observers: 3

Location: Erie, PA, USA

Shape: Rectangle
Characteristics: Lights on object

Slow moving rectangular craft with 2 white lights and 2 blue lights, one blue light turned on at a time.

I sas a slow moving triangle with 2 white lights and 1 blue light. I was driving west on I90 at the border of pensilvania and New-York. I saw what I first though was a plane landing. It had 2 white lights and one blue light. After 2 minutes, I figured out that it was taking too long for the plane to land. At that time I also realized that it had no flashing light like a normal plane. I slow down and observed the craft more carefully. It was on my right. I then understood that it was moving very slowly. I pointed out the triangle for the 2 other witnesses in the car. One of them told me that it was at set of fixed light on the electric towers. I agreed, but I stop the car on the side of the road and observed the craft more carefully. We confirmed that it was moving very slowly toward est. At that time, the blue light that was pointing away from us shuted down and a blue light on the other side of the craft turned on. That gave us the impression that the craft was not trianglular but rectangular. The blue light turned off and the craft continued to move to est. The two white lights remained on until we lost sighting behind the tree top. Total 1 min of observation from the side of the road. Evaluated distance of travel for the 1 minute observation : 800 meters. We could not evaluate for the presence of sound or not because of the highway noise. We could not see any part of the craft exept for the lights because of the darkness. We were inside of a zone of tunderstorm, but there was no rain at the time of the sighing. There was lightning. The ceiling was very low, and there was no fuzz on the light suggesting that it was flying below the clouds. One other withness saw a ovaloid tube like object leaving the craft, the 2 other witnesses did not confirmed. The flight behaving of the craft was just like a blimp.

Posted 2000-08-05

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