NUFORC UFO Sighting 13631

Occurred: 2000-07-22 19:15 Local
Reported: 2000-08-01 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 30 min
No of observers: 5

Location: Westminster, CO, USA

Shape: Other
Characteristics: Changed Colo

We saw 2 unusual shapes early evening, both objects changed color and shape for approx 30min.

On Saturday July 22, my husband & I were returning home when I noticed 2 objects in the sky. At first I thought they were kites. After realizing how high up in the sky they were, I then thought they might be hot air baloons. One was shaped like a cigar and the other one like a snake. Neither of the objects were moving but were not close together. Stopping to look at the objects we noticed the cigar shaped one started to teeter totter. Both objects then started to travel to the west. I immediately called my brother and had him go outside to see if he could get a better look at them. He definitely could see them so we went to his house. Both objects stopped traveling again. The snake shaped object changed into a ball shape and then disappeared. The cigar shaped object stayed in place then started changing color. It changed from the original brown/black color to silver, blue, red, white, and then back to brown/black. It seemed to get bigger as if coming closer toward us. It then changed shape, zoomed in like it was being squished, and then zoomed out to its cigar shape. It then turned and started traveling west a short distance, stopped, turned again and started traveling east a short distance, and stopped again. It then started rising up in to the clouds then came back out of the clouds. The sky was pretty clear except for a few clouds here and there. It then started traveling south for a short distance then went straight up unitl it was a pin dot. Looking through binoculars, we were able to find it for just a moment. The shape and color had changed again. It was now a very long cigar shape and was now red and white alternating stripes. At no time did either object make any sounds. We never saw the snake shaped object again and never saw the cigar shaped one either after that.

My brother and I have witnessed UFOs and cattle mutilations before. We have also had huge circular burn marks in our fields at our farm many years ago. So we continue to look up at the skies.

We are near an international airport so see planes when they are in their landing pattern. In relation to an airplane in the sky at when it comes in, both objects were at least 3 times the size in length and probably 2 times the width.

Posted 2000-08-05

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