NUFORC Sighting 135596

Occurred: 2017-08-03 21:30 Local
Reported: 2017-08-07 20:04 Pacific
Duration: 45 minutes
No of observers: 0

Location: West Warwick, RI, USA

Shape: Unknown

Jet-like roaring craft over Rhode true explanation from media.

I am reporting a recent local event. This event happened here in Rhode Island on the above date and time. It was reported by local news channel WJAR, channel 10. The 'event' centered around loud jet-like roars by craft flying at roof top height in Kent County, Rhode Island, and specifically West Warwick and Coventry. Local residents were startled to hear these 'jets' flying low over their homes at night. FAA regulations prohibit jets from flying that low...below radar, I would assume.

The concerned citizens were scared, understandably. Several called in to WJAR news to report this event as it was occurring. The report by WJAR Channel 10 on their website was as follows: residents called the news room. The newsroom said they called 'the police' (vague), the police called the 'airport' (vague again)...we can assume Greene Airport in Warwick. The 'police' were told by 'officials' (more vagueness), that the 'jets' were 'F-16s heading for Quonset Pt. National Guard airport and that 'concerned citizens' anxiety was put to rest.' (my paraphrase of actual words used). That was the end of story.

Oddly, residents reportedly heard these loud low flying jets for a full 45 minutes..21:30 to 22:00. If they were landing at Quonset Pt. why would they be flying around for 45 minutes in one area? My curiosity was aroused.

Next morning, Friday, Aug. 4th, I called the Quonset Pt. airport and asked if F-16s or any jets landed at their facility last night....the woman who answered the phone said, 'negative.' She was a bit nervous in answering my questions but my main question was answered.

I then called WJAR's newsroom. A young man, who couldn't understand my question, gave the phone to an older man. I asked him if he had checked the accuracy of their report about the 'jets.' He stammered, then said, 'yes.' I said, well I just called Quonset Pt. airport and no jets of any kind landed there. So, it seems they did not check anything but just took for truth the report of the 'police.' Was it state pol! ice, loc al police, airport police..he couldn't say. This is another example of news reporting being dictated by state and federal officials for the sole purpose of allaying the fears of people who may suspect other things. I told the news room guy to further check his contacts and find out more specifics. He was very quiet as I explained how poorly their 'professional' reporting was. He said he would further investigate and get back to me. Of course, he didn't. Who really knows what these so called 'jets' were. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one around with a brain who questions events in the news.

The main reason this particular event rang a bell with me is that several years ago a very similar event occurred in my southern part of Rhode Island, called Washington County. This even occurred in January, about 2010. At that time jet-like craft flew over my house at roof top level, displaying non traditional light patterns (flashing red and white lights), with a deep, bass roar (that sounded more 'broadcast' than from any internal engine) and doing impossible maneuvers (turning on a dime, stopping, bobbing up and down, etc. This event occurred two nights in a row at exactly the same time...17:45.

The craft I best viewed was on the second night. It roared 75 feet over my house and displayed two huge round blood red lights on the underside of the fuselage. The craft was either crescent or triangular in shape, though it was so dark that I could not be sure. It was like they were imitating our jets. No after burner was seen, which I feel it should have been. The weirdest part was as this craft flew low to the east, toward the Bay and the open ocean, a bright ball of light, smaller than the craft, came out of nowhere to fly beside the craft, until the ball of light continued straight east and the 'craft' went SE, both toward the open ocean. While this craft was flying overhead I called the local South Kingstown police dispatcher and held my cell phone up so he could here the deep bass roar of this thing overhead. He asked me what it looked like..I told him it looked like a UFO. He said, 'UFO?"...I'm calling the State Police', and hung up. So many residents called the police and the WJAR news room that on the next night a report was on TV. Again, I believe, a cover up, as the announcer, Dan Jahning, who still works there, nervously said the craft were 'just F-16s' flying to Hyannis (MA) airport. Then he said, 'well, mystery solved' and showed a file photo of an F-16. He quickly went on to the next news item. I called Otis AFB in Mashpee, MA, near Hyannis, as Hyannis is a commercial airport on the Cape, the only airport capable of jet landings, and they said the F-16 is no longer in use and no jets landed there at that time! Sound familiar? More mysteriously, on the following Tuesday morning at 11:00, while I was with a cable TV installer outside, I hear the now familiar deep base roar that I heard the previous time...this time, to my amazement, an unmarked F-18 flies 100 feet over my house, flips on its side (so I could not see the cockpit), rights itself as it leaves, and roars off! Oddly, a small Cessna type plane flies above it.

I get on the phone to the South Kingstown police again to report this. This time, the dispatcher puts me a hold for a full four minutes, then comes back to me to say he can give me no information about this. I asked him if this was being 'hushed up' by higher authorities, and he hesitantly said, 'yes.' So, that was it.

I called Senator Reeds' office here in RI about this and was told someone would 'get back to me,' but of course, didn't. This type of event reporting and clamming up by officials goes on all over the US, I would suspect. The reports on NUFORC are the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. I would never have known about the West Warwick event had not so many local people called the WJAR newsroom (as happened here in my area before) and WJAR reporting this as a poor excuse for sound journalism. Can we blame the media? Yes. If they had guts they would report the truth by investigation, but they just seem to be an arm of the government. As a private citizen I can only do so much. News agencies have more reach but they have no guts. These events will continue. The 'Phoenix lights' of 1997 perhaps is a famous example of this. Anyway, you can use this info as you wish, Peter. I will keep doing what I for the truth and question authority.

Posted 2017-08-11

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