Occurred: 1979-09-18 21:00 Local
Reported: 2017-06-02 15:51 Pacific
Duration: 12 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Boulder, CO, USA

Shape: Triangle

Saw six bronze color flying triangles, no lights on, flying between the stars in Boulder CO, 1979.

We were returning to my friend's car after dinner. It was in a parking lot off of Broadway. The night had no moon. The sky was inky black and the stars were bright. He had been telling me about healing eye sight by looking into darkness daily. I opened my eyes as wide as possible to drink in the cool dark night. It was like a balm to my eyes. I was looking west toward the mountains.

SUDDENLY, I saw six triangular craft to the north flying south. They were so incredibly high. They were the color of a bronze key and had no lights. There were no windows... And I could see them flying between the stars. I was THRILLED and ecstatic! I started jumping up and down yelling my friend's name and shouting, "So and so, LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! The triangles were flying in formation and as they flew their motion was as if riding waves.... and then the one from the back right flew forward and the front one seemed to fly back...

or take up the back position... They traversed from north to the south horizon in what seemed for ever but was very fast... I was jubilant! My friend did not see them. I was sure that they were some new kind of airplane.

Back at my place I re-enacted it and he timed it.... The sighting lasted about 12 seconds.

Nine months later a good friend a school teacher told me that her husband had seen six flying triangles the previous night. This was June 1980.

In fall of 1997, I was living in Washington DC. My son living in Boulder CO called me to say that he had seen 'Mom's" six flying triangles with two of his friends.

Posted 2017-06-09

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