Occurred: 1989-07-20 18:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2017-03-11 12:38 Pacific
Duration: 8-10 hours
No of observers: 50

Location: San Diego (Fire Mountain), CA, USA

Shape: Cone
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Color, Possible abduction, Missing Time, Marks found on body afterwards

I want answers about this n

This event happened when I was around 10 years old at boyscout camp. The event started around 1800hrs to early morning 0300hrs, there where around 150-200 boys, and a number of scout leaders, with me.

We where hiking to a creek where we where going to sleep under the stars on the creek bed. Soon after we got to the creek, we noticed that there were large rocks being thrown into the creek. At first, we thought that the rocks where being thrown by some of the other boys. That was not the case, since one of the boys got hit with a good size rock. Then we noticed that the rocks where being thrown over 100 foot trees into the creek. With that, we decided to line up in single file and sweep the wood line. The wood line was around 60 feet or so thick, on the other side of wood line was a large open field there was no one there. We where all shocked.

The scoutmasters decided to bed down on the creek bed cause it was too dangerous to go back in the dark, for thee boys got hurt during the sweep of the wood line. We where instucted to dig into the creek bed, and cover our heads with our hiking back packs to shield us from the rocks, and we went to sleep.

At some point in the night I woke and saw two object with lights, blue, green and yellow, floating off center of each other up and down. the objects where cone shaped top and bottom with three lights in the middle, one on top and one light on the bottom of the objects. I tried scream to my scoutmaster who was next to me, but I could not speak, I could not move, then black. I do not rember anything after that. I believe I have two implants [pending on x-rays].


We spoke via telephone with the witness, and he seemed to us to be quite sincere, in his recounting of the incident. We encouraged him to document the possible presence of implants in his arm, and we will proceed with investigating the case, if implants are documented by medical examination. PD

Posted 2017-03-17

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