NUFORC Sighting 13221

Occurred: 2000-06-26 00:22 Local
Reported: 2000-06-26 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 20 seconds +/-
No of observers: 1

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Aircraft nearby

I observed a very fast, silent object(s), heading roughly south to north while the lights occasionally seemed to tightly "pinwheel"

I was standing on my back porch in the Silverlake District of Los Angeles at approximately 00:20, on Monday June 26th 2000, looking towards the south, when I saw two white and slightly hazy/luminous lights moving very quickly across the sky from the south-southeast heading towards the northwest. The lights were no bigger than a match head at arms length, and were spaced an inch apart (at arms length). There was no way to tell whether the lights were connected to the same object, but they always maintained the exact same distance from each other. The oddest thing about the lights was: A) how quickly, and silently, they were moving across the sky B) the light(s) would momentarily (lasting one or two seconds)and quite distinctly, yet gently, "pinwheel" or "vibrate" in tandem, and then smooth back out. This is the toughest part to describe This motion did not appear to affect the velocity or direction of the object(s). The object never changed it's long arcing across the sky in the directions I mentioned above. This slight movement happened maybe three or four times during the total viewing time. I watched the object(s) for at least 15 seconds as it moved across the sky. The weather at this time was cool and relatively clear. There were no clouds in the sky, the stars were out. There was some light pollution, Silverlake is on the Eastern edge of the Los Angeles Basin. And in the direction of the sighting I'm sure there was some low coastal haziness in the air. This may account for the slightly luminous quality of the lights? I couldnt estimate the height or distance, but they were at LEAST a hands width above the horizon line from my viewing position. At the time of my sighting I noticed no other aircraft from my view. This was the only object in this part of the sky at the time. I went inside to note the time and started a sketch of the lights themselves. Maybe between 3 and 5 minutes later I stepped back out onto my porch and observed at least 3 or 4 airplanes puttering around the Los Angele! s Basin. None of them seemed to be trying to track or follow the object I had seen a few minutes earlier. The flights were local police/news copters, commercial/delivery planes heading towards LAX, small private planes...etc. 3, maybe 4 in the sky. They were all much closer than the object I had seen. As my eye caught the object my first thought was shooting star, a high altitude jet, or satellite. But when I noticed the other light right next to it I was a bit thrown. And then it did the tight pinwheel movement.... It really seemed to be quite a distance away. I wish I could make a fair guess.... It had the type of high altitude depth you associate with the possible explanations I mentioned above: star, jet, or satellite. It wasn't traveling as briskly as a shooting star, or as 'deep' as a satellite, this was more like a high speed jet. Another very odd almost-unrelated occurence is the fact that I just happened to be making an audio recording while I had the sighting. I haven't listened back to this exact portion of the tape yet, but I think I will be able to get a much better estimate-guess as to the length of the sighting based on me clomping around the porch once I saw it.... That's about all I can recall right now. By the way, I do not claim to be educated in aeronautical devices of any nature. I could easily believe this was an airplane of sorts just tearing across the sky, at a distance that made it appear to be silent. I will admit that I have been fascinated by the UFO phenom since my first trip to the public library in 3rd grade, so I have done my fair share of watching the skies above ever since, but I have never claimed to see anything that falls into the category of what I consider to be a UFO until this morning. I'm curious to know if anybody else happened to see the same thing I did. I was VERY CLOSE to calling my friend in Northern California to get up and take a look in the same part of the sky, just in the wildest chance that he saw anything like it, but that seemed a bit too hasty and kinda' kooky, I guess. I flipped on the local all news radio stations and listened for any mention, but there was nothing. I also did some quick sketches of the overall view while it was still fresh in my head. So that's that on that.... I'm proud to have done my reporting duty, and maybe this small tidbit will help complete a bigger picture for someone else. Thanks and Best, ((name deleted)) 15:04 6/26/2000 Los Angeles, California, USA ADDENDUM: 15:33 6/26/2000 I re-submitted my report when I noticed that I accidentally typed '10' witnesses, as opposed to '1' witness, me.

Posted 2000-07-11

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