NUFORC Sighting 131669

Occurred: 2016-12-06 19:15 Local
Reported: 2016-12-08 20:11 Pacific
Duration: 10-15 seconds
No of observers: 2

Location: Austin, NV, USA

Shape: Fireball
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Emitted other objects, Aircraft nearby

Hello. I work for a major national ((deleted--corporation)) and my family (wife/((age deleted)) daughter) and I were ((deleted--driving north of Austin, NV. I was driving the moving truck and my wife and daughter followed close behind in a separate car. We were heading north on Hwy 305 (about 10-15 miles north of Austin, NV; around 19:15 on 12/06/16) when I saw, what looked like a really dramatic amber/orange slow moving, falling star in the north sky. Right out my front windshield.

I immediately radioed my wife (we had picked up some 2-way radios for the trip) and said, "Quick! Look in front of us at that shooting-...". I didn't finish my sentence because as I was speaking, it began to slow down without fading.

It then came to a stop, pulsated or barely flashed (not very bright, though) and then another one appeared to the right (east) of the original light/object. About a second later, a third one appeared (again, on the right) and now there were three of them! in a line. Almost like Orion's Belt.

About a second or two after the appearance of the third and final light, the original one disappeared (like someone turning off a light switch), then the second one followed suite. The third one, however, made an arcing maneuver towards where the original light was and then disappeared.

My wife (who is going to file a separate report) came over the radio and said what I was thinking, "That's not a shooting star."

About 10 min later (19:25 or so), I saw a single and same amber/orange light I had seen previously. This one was higher in the sky; where I had to lean in towards the steering wheel and look up out the front windshield (it seemed to be from the same part of the sky as the original sighting). This light, however, was very active. It moved, pretty rapidly, in a horseshoe pattern (from west to east) and then started heading back west before I lost sight of it directly above my truck.

Right after its horseshoe maneuver, I saw a white light (a lot smaller than the amber one) shooting from east to west at an incredible speed, where it disappeared near an aircraft (it was slow moving with the usual green/red blinking lights) that I hadn't noticed until that moment. I tried to look out my mirrors to see more, but could only see the aircraft.

I radioed my wife during this second sighting as well. She'll be submitting her report shortly. I'll never forget that night as long as I live.

Thanks for listening.

Posted 2016-12-15

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