NUFORC Sighting 12929

Occurred: 2000-05-20 20:20 Local
Reported: 2000-05-21 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 3 mins
No of observers: 5

Location: Santa Clarita, CA, USA

Shape: Light

My family and I saw 4 bright steaks of light in the same exact area of the sky all which traveled in opposite directions..

Last night my Father (a retired Lockheed employee and WW2 Army/Airforce Vet)was setting in a lawn chair in my backyard when he said to me,"Do you have Fireflys around here?" I told him "no" And saw he was looking into the southern part of the sky. I then walked over to him and looked into the sky and asked him what he saw. He said he saw a streak of light in the sky that looked like a Firefly. I then looked in the direction he was looking and suddenly I saw a quick, Bright streak of light that was very thin moving from West to East. I said that looks like a meteor. about 30 seconds later, another streak of light was in the exact area but this time it went from east to west. I was then kind of freaked out to see the same thing, in the exact area but going the opposite direction. At that time my Mother, my Brother and his Girlfriend walked over to see what we were looking at when the same streak of light appeared again, This time going from North to south in the same exact area. We were all wondering what we were seeing. I attempted to explain it as a meteor shower but we all agreed it would not be in the exact same area in the sky. About 1 minute passed when we then saw a bright strobe type flash in the sky Just south and lower in the horizon from where we saw the steaks of light. about 5 seconds later, another flash of light appeared futher south and even lower in the horizon. We continued to look into the sky for several more minutes when we once again saw the bright flash of light, This time is was towards the east of the other light flashes. It was now we all realized that this was no meteor shower so I ran in to get the Video Camera. Unfotunately we never saw the objects again. I can only describe the steaks of light as "Pencil thin",White Streaks with no contrails. They only went a distance of your hand streached out in the sky. All 4 steaks of light (3 which I saw)were within an area of the sky where as if you were to hold out both hands and make a circle with your thumbs and pinky fingers. The l! ight str eaks appeared to be "way up" in the atmosphere and traveled at least 5 times faster than any meteor or falling star that I have ever seen. The 3 bright flashes we saw resembled an Aircraft Stobe light but about 3 times brighter. At about 2030hrs I telephoned the nearest Air Force Base (Edwards AFB)which is about 70 miles away. I spoke to a person at their command post who said he had no idea what I saw and that no information about any flight testing or Military operations could be given out. He then gave me the phone number to the UFO reporting center. I then called the reporting center and spoke with Mr. Davenport and told him about the incident. He said that what I saw was very unusual and was not from "This earth". What my family and I saw last night was definately the most unusual thing we have ever saw. We believe the "Sightings" were of alien nature but we are not really sure. My wife was in the house during the time of the incident and now she thinks im crazy. All I can say is that "I saw what I saw" and I'm not "Crazy". I am a Deputy Sheriff in the Southern California area and have seen strange things before, but not like this!



NUFORC Director talked with the witness at some length, and found him to be a seemingly very good observer and reporter of fact. His description of the event was very precise, and he had made a note of the exact time of the event.

If we led the individual to believe that we concluded the phenomenon was UFO-related, we misspoke, and apologize. We have no idea what caused this phenomenon. PD))

Posted 2000-06-06

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