NUFORC Sighting 127452

Occurred: 1957-09-01 20:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2016-05-23 11:05 Pacific
Duration: 20 minutes
No of observers: 12

Location: Beaver Co. {Western Pennsylvania; Rte. 288), PA, USA

Shape: Cigar
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Changed Color, Electrical or magnetic effects, Animals reacted

Multiple witness sighting of cigar shaped craft with many colored lights from less than 100 ft. away.

I was a small boy, (age 9) living in Rural Western Pa. It was late August, early September, because the wheat was still standing in the fields. We were watching our new TV, when suddenly we had no power.

When we went outside to see if there was a problem, my entire family, (4 of us) saw an impossibly huge (750 ft.? or more) object coming over the wheat fields toward our house and barn. All the animals were very upset and made a lot of noise, then suddenly went silent.

The object came over the fields toward our house. We could not see the object per se, but we saw glowing twinkling lights everywhere in a cigar shape, with many different colors. In the areas not lit, we could not see the stars but also could not see the object. A solid object appeared to be behind the lights.

I remember being so impressed that something that big could move that silently and that slowly and not fall out of the sky. It was moving so slowly and absolutely no sound. It was no more than 100 ft. above us, just sort of floating there and moving slowly. It seemed so strange that something so big could move silently and not disturb the standing wheat. Wheat ready to be harvested will move in the slightest breeze.

We could see our neighbors across the road had come outside and were watching and pointing at the object, (family of 3). Another elderly neighbor (farmer) was plowing his field by the moon, and was out on his tractor. His wife also saw it. I believe at least 9 people witnessed the event.

With no sound the object turned and went up route 288 toward Ellwood City, Pa., but stopped a 1/4 mile away from us and rose to the top of a large microwave tower located on Tower Road. Workers on the tower had told us the tower was 365 ft. tall and had 4 very large bell shaped objects attached to the top of the tower.

The object rose until it was even with the top of the tower and it seemed to dock with it. At that point,all power on and around the tower dimmed and surged as object stayed joined to the tower approximately 5 minutes. The colored lights were constantly changing and dimming and brightening on the object during this time as were all lights on the tower. The object seemed to be drawing power from the tower.

Very slowly,(almost stately) the object turned and started back down the highway toward our farm. It seemed to almost follow the road. I remember my entire family was silent as it passed our farm and continued toward Fombell, Pa., and Zeleinople, Pa. All with no sound at all.

The objects lights gave some light all the way to the ground, not bright more like a glow. It passed over (our neighbor) the farmer on his tractor with his tractor lights on but they too went off. It was no more than 50 feet above him. His tractor was surrounded by the soft glowing light. He actually stood up on the tractor and waved his hat to it, with no response visible. It then went back to the road and followed it toward the local drive in (Blue Sky Drive In Theater) about 1/4 mile away. I never heard of anyone at the theater seeing it. The screen faced the opposite direction.

It then veered to the left and slowly went cross country, no sound at all, then suddenly sped to an impossible speed and disappeared into the night. All of us were more than a bit shaken. Immediately after all our electricity came back on as did our neighbors. The lights at the drive in never dimmed.

I was raised in a small close knit rural area, a very religious group of people. Most people that saw this object, talked little about it, or dismissed it as "God's Will" that we saw it, and we should not question what happened, nor talk about it. Till the day he died, my father refused to discuss the sighting.

I am 68 years old with lots of later in life flight experience, (Navy Air Crew) and I never have seen anything remotely like this. I know it happened and remember it like it was yesterday. I still cannot explain what I saw.

To the best of my knowledge there was never any further incidents of this sort, in our area. No one seemed eager to talk about it in our community. After all these years I still cannot explain what I saw.

To the best of my knowledge, there was no written report, or any sort report made to authorities. Nothing appeared in any local papers that I can find. I do not know what entity owned the microwave tower. To the best of my knowledge the tower no longer exists. No mention was ever made of damage to the tower.


Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD

Posted 2016-05-26

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