NUFORC Sighting 127175

Occurred: 2016-02-27 21:15 Local
Reported: 2016-05-04 19:43 Pacific
Duration: ~3 hours
No of observers: 1

Location: Faribault, MN, USA

Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object

12+ UFOS Observed by Single Witness

9:15pm, on a clear Saturday night sky. Standing behind my garage near my neighbor's back yard facing northwest. Adjusting phone camera settings, when coincidently look up to a large figure moving less than 10mph above my neighbor's back yard moving in a straight path northwest. Looking up at the object, I estimate it to have been between 50 and 60 feet high as it was just above the trees in my neighbor's yard and took a sharp right turn over my yard, to where the garage I stood behind blocked my vision. I observed this object for only about 7 seconds.

These were my observations:
1. Boomerang Structure with 50-60 foot wingspan,
2. Less than 10 feet tall,
4. Surface color(s): Deep Black Borders Surrounding The Various Components of its underside,
3. Small White Rectangles Aligned Closest to the Sharp, Anterior Edge of the craft (7 on each side),
4. "Components" or intricate plates comprising the underside, most of which had edges parralel to the adjac! ent edges of the craft itself,

5. Simpler Patterns alongside edges of the craft, and no middle, dividing borderline, 6. All observed edges but the anterior edge were curved/smooth, 7. Craft gets thicker getting nearer to the center.

5-10 minutes later: An object less less than 500 feet away and 100-150 feet high, moving in a straight path at around 70mph Southwest. A Yellow "Mist" forming an arrowhead with its anterior corners separated. Object was not thick and nearly flat, with a wingspan of around 80 feet. The separated corners merged into the middle part of the craft after about 4 seconds of observing it to then zoom into the distance and out of sight. During this observation I stood in the driveway of my backyard.

10-20 minutes later: Standing in front of my house on the sidewalk this time, moving lights catch my eye coming from the East and Moving West about 500 feet high descending to less than 100 feet in altitude after moving about 1000 feet in a perfectly straight path. These were my observations: Pure White Circles And Ovals Forming a capital letter T, 1. The front, horizontally aligned ovals, both at each end slightly larger than the ovals in the middle(4 total), 2. The "tail", perfect, pure white circles level with one another and most of which were aligned in the center but never symmetrically. The "tail" had a difference in elevation between the front part of about 30 feet, 3. The circles forming the "tail": Flat with a diameter of about 15 feet, 4. All " T-shaped" formations moved between 70-90 mph in a straight path East to West, 5. At least 4 were witnessed, 3 of which I can make accurate depictions of and all of which appeared betw! een intervals of 10-20 minutes.

Another Yellow "Mist" but this time shaped almost as an equilateral triangle moved under the first "T-Shape" formation I witnessed as it passed just above me, with each side being 40-50 feet long. This object moved Southeast to Northwest at about 30mph in a straight path about 70 feet high. Again, this "Mist" was flat and seemed transparent because of that, making it somewhat faint, but nonetheless glowing. Observed for only about 5 seconds.

Last hour or so of this 3 hour event: Large Boomerang Formations of Perfect, Pure White Circles began to appear moving East to West but taking very wide left turns Southwest and Moving at speeds of at least 100mph just above the houses North of my position. From all formations observed but one, the circles never formed symmetrical Shapes. Some were triangular and some were very wide-angled boomerang formations. All but one took the same path as the rest of these light formations. The one I am referring to is the only symmetrrical light formation I witnessed and the closest object I observed that night: I noticed a line of circular lights approaching me from down the street but moving above the houses, and as it approached I noticed it was rotating slowly counter-clockwise as a whole and as soon as it did this, 3 of these flat white circles aligned themselves individually into the right side of the formation but we're already near the rest when I observed this. As it passed o! ver me and my house, it was in an almost parralel to the street suggesting that this maneuver was only made to avoid the tree in my front yard which is 50-60 feet tall. This formation was level with the ground until it was completely aligned and symmetrical to then tilt leftward at 40°-60° and take a wide left turn Southwest and gain significant speed(100+mph). I chased after several of these formations. At least 5 witnessed and 4 of which I can accurately depict. Even from close proximity, no noise could be heard and no temperature changes felt nor structures Observed surrounding these lights. These circular light were about 10-15 feet in diameter and the formed formation of at least 100 feet wide. When in a triangular formation, the lights were farther from each other than when formed in a boomerang formation. These lights were visible on both sides, conforming that no visible structures surrounded them. I cannot say the same for the "letter T" formations as I w! as not able to observe them from close enough proximity to dis! tinguish this.

Between these last sightings, a unique UFO in comparison to the rest: A blue light bordering the bottom of an invisible craft rotating counter -clockwise. From the center, 3 lines extending and protruding out each corner. This object was about 1000 feet away from my position and about 100 feet high moving East to West at speeds of at least 100 mph. Each side being 50-80 feet long.

Posted 2016-05-06

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