Occurred: 1970-06-01 13:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2016-05-01 12:08 Pacific
Duration: ~1 minute
No of observers: 2

Location: Bennington, VT, USA

Shape: Disk

1970 disk and 1984/Hilo International Airport, Air National Guard

It was a day with bright sunshine in the afternoon in a mostly rural area. I was ten years of age. I was outside of a shoe store where my parents were shopping. There was a young woman that was with me. We were talking, and the two of us turned to see a hovering disc about one hundred yards away. There was no mistaking what we were witnessing, and the two of us were enthusiastic about the experience. There were no other people in the area to my knowledge. There was no sound that was emanating from the object whatsoever, or other sensory attributes. The disk was a dark silver in color, and there did not seem to be any portals or windows. I told the girl that I was with to go into the store and to tell everyone to come out and see this. After she departed, the disk advanced towards me. It then stopped completely, hovered for a moment, and then exited the sky to my left in non-ballistic motion. No one else was witness to the sighting to my knowledge. The man behind the counter that also might have owned the shoe store groaned at the prospect of feeling compromised to have to explain this to anyone that might inquire of him. In their generation to have believed in the existence of Unidentified flying Objects was to have a lost contact with reality. It required so long for me to report this sighting, forty six years, because the relevance of it only became of import recently. These alien beings knew what I needed to know more than I did. It required time to respect that process.

Both of my parents were ministers that hailed from prestigious backgrounds at Ivy League institutions. My father was from Harvard, my mother from Andover Newton Theological Seminary. They were involved with the psychic, Edgar Cayce, and personally worked with him directly. My father was the author of several books on the subject of psychic phenomenon at the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach. In retrospect, after this long of a time I did not give the matter of the sighting much thought. I just considered it to be outside of my comprehension to know how to interpret. In the month of June in the year 1984, I found myself next to Hilo International Airport in Hawaii in a grass field one night about two weeks after I moved there to Hawaii Island (also known as The Big Island) after being made destitute by my family. There was an event one evening over the airspace of the Air National Guard. Three dirigibles that were surrounded by what appeared to be a white mist appeared overhead. The sighting lasted for about five minutes. It was of interest to me that one of the dirigibles lightly collided with one of the other ones. At the time I did not make a correlation between the sighting in Vermont, and this attempt to confuse the issue with me about the interpretation of the actual sighting. To have seen extraterrestrial phenomenon can also draw the animosity from people that have not. There was a huge display of wealth to shift a control over the purpose for that sighting in 1970 back to the other members of my family. Apparently I was supposed to attribute all of this commotion to my personal sense of worth. No one else in my family has seen extraterrestrial phenomenon. The reason that I made no effort to report that sighting in Hawaii as well should have served as an indication that there were factors involved that precluded a personal initiative. It just occurred to me over the past few days that I had never once wondered what the alien beings were like in appearance that were in that U.F.O., how many of them there were, where they were from, and the knowledge of specific identity. If this had been imparted to me by those alien beings in 1970, then the attempt to confuse the issue in 1984 would have been more elaborate in any investigative function. The most important concept with me right now was the knowledge from those alien beings themselves of the intention for that sighting in 1970: The answer was that what I do not know means that I cannot be remotely interrogated for it. These extraterrestrials pointed out an elaborate conspiracy to me in the upper levels of the government to control information access, and what one can expect in resistance to control the interpretation of a sighting in the existing channels of the government databases. In answer to the question as to why I did not report either of the sightings, it was due to my speculation that a number of other people that have seen alien phenomenon with a similar experience that had also been compromised. I left the matter to these alien beings themselves to coordinate a mediation with those other innocent men and women to determine when the time was right without trying to influence the end result. The knowledge of the specific identities of these other people is not something that I was trying to ascertain, and was not disclosed to me. The suggestion that I could have been extended an investigation of these circumstances if I had reported that U.F.O. in 1970 that would have afforded recognition by government intelligence analysts does not take into account that some of these same personnel were responsible for the conspiracy out of a respect for the reputation of the family. This was reflected in the incident in 1984. I conformed to what was necessary, and the persecution that I have endured from the lack of professional oversight by the government that could have limited reprisals and exploitation by those with a hidden agenda is rather beside the point as the actuality. The coverup is immense. This sighting in 1970 was also recently reported to MUFON (70308).


Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD

Posted 2016-05-06

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