NUFORC Sighting 12709

Occurred: 2000-04-24 23:15 Local
Reported: 2000-04-25 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 60 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Eagle River (far east of), AK, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Lights on object

Far east of Eagle River, spotted a star and 2 lights in the sky between 2 mountain peaks. One of the lights was red, one was white. The star was the largest light and it was white. The red light began above both the others, then descended in a fairly straight line to be below the others, then moved north to be directly under the one white light, which was to the left of the star in my view. Then the red light disappeared; just winked out. Then the white light above it winked out as well. I checked for haze or clouds, but there were none and I continued to see a clear view of the star. On our way driving out, we saw a white flash of light from the left of the road (south), but were unsure what it was.

I had what I believe may qualify as a UFO sighting just 45 minutes ago. My friend, ((deleted)), and I were driving, trying to get away from town and out and about. Went down Eagle River Road. Eagle River is a town about 10 miles outside Anchorage. We took this road ... it's pretty long. I need to gauge it. I remember hitting the odometer on our way out and noting the time. Anyhow ... it dead-ends in the midst of mountains, part of Chugach State Park. We stopped and ((deleted)) said she had to go, so I took the time to step out and gaze at the stars, hoping that maybe I'd see some planets as I know they're about to align. Didn't really expect to, since we're so far north ... spotted a satellite in the southern sky. Turned my gaze to the east and saw 2 white lights and a red one. At first, I assumed they were stars or planets. The red one began to move. It was above the other two, then went downward and below, then crossed under the white light on the left. Then it disappeared. The white light above where the red one disappeared also disappeared. I thought that perhaps they were planes that went behind a haze or clouds or something, but the one star that was in the same vicinity had never disappeared. As the red light was descending, I remember waving my arm at Trista, who had jumped in the van, and saying, "((deleted)), come here and look at this! ((deleted)), come here and look at this!" She absolutely refused to get out of the van. I stayed and watched the sky a few moments after the two lights winked out, but saw nothing more, so returned to the van and asked why she hadn't come out. She said she'd had a terrifying feeling and didn't want to get out. She'd jumped in the van and locked the door just before I'd noticed the strange movement of the lights. When I got back in the van, the time was 11:45. I can't recall, bummer that it is, what time it was when we arrived. We were last at a funeral reception and the last time I'd checked the time, it was 10:38. We might not have left until 11 PM, and it could well have taken 45 minutes to get way back where we were, so I don't think there was any missing time. However, after I got back in the van and we waited a few minutes to see if anything else would show, we started to drive out and saw a flash of white light. There were no other vehicles around; perhaps it was a ranger with a flashlight? I don't know. We just left!

Posted 2000-05-03

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