NUFORC Sighting 126995

Occurred: 2016-04-23 05:00 Local
Reported: 2016-04-23 16:52 Pacific
Duration: 30 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Kansas City, MO, USA

Shape: Light

Strange lights that fly in unison blink out when observed.

Early this morning, I got up and went out on my back deck to enjoy the beautiful morning weather and night sounds. It was still dark and the sky was clear. I sat down for about 2 minutes, then looked up at the stars. I don't know the constellations, but I could clearly see several points of light without any obstructions. Directly in front of me (facing northwest), I could see a group of three stars immediately flanked by two other lights to my right. At first, the two lights were stationary so I didn't really think about them. But soon they both started to slowly move from their stationary position to my left. I thought it odd that satellites would be still and then move in apparent unison. With my right arm fully extended, I estimate they were a hand width apart. Very high up but still very clearly visible. I watched them move slowly in unison, then stop in unison, then resume moving in unison in the same direction. They followed their motion f! or approximately a five count, then the lead light simply went out, while the second light continued to move in the same direction. When the second light reached the point where the first light went out, it too went out. No clouds, no obstructions at all. I'm an avid UFO person so naturally I interpreted this as a possible sighting and said out loud "why do you always blink out when I see you? How do you know I'm looking at you?" I thought this might illicit some kind of response, but they didn't reappear. I've been fooled by birds before, but these lights were too bright and way to high to be birds. I ruled out airplanes because they went from stationary to moving and I didn't hear any jet-related sounds like normal when a high flying jet passes over. Helicopters don't go that high, or I'm not sure why they would, and again no noise. Perhaps some kind of experimental craft that can go stationary, then move with no noise. Just seems odd to me. I've seen! these lights before and always just as I notice them, they bl! ink out.

This pattern of seeing them, then they disappear suggests to me whoever they are, they know I'm watching them. It's happened too many times to be coincidental.

Posted 2016-04-29

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