Occurred: 1977-07-17 02:30:00 Local
Location: Hazard, KY, USA
Shape: Light
Duration: Not sure
No of observers: 2
Reported: 2016-03-15 17:13:11 Pacific
Posted: 2016-03-18 00:00:00
Characteristics: Emitted beams, Possible abduction, Missing Time, Marks found on body afterwards

Missing time and possible abduction while camping in Daniel Boone National Forest

My fiance and myself were camping in a remote locale in the Daniel Boone National Forest. We had followed an old logging trail with multiple switch backs to an elevation that was probably 400 feet above the valley floor. We were camping alongside a cliff in my 1970 VW Type III wagon.

We had grilled dinner on a hibachi and sat by a small camp fire until approximately 23:00 hrs. We then turned in for the night inside the wagon with the hatch door up and side windows open as it was fairly warm that night.

At approximately 02:30 hours on the next morning, I woke up and noticed bright white flashing lights that were coming from the direction of the valley below as the light was illuminating the headliner of the car. There was sufficient light to see the (still working) VDO clock on the dash to verify the time.

I thought, 'This is odd that lightning is coming from the valley below' and "I can't move'.

Then at a later time that I cannot determine, I woke up and heard a faint buzzing noise, complete pitch black darkness, the sense that someone or something was at the rear of the car, I was in a perilous situation, I was moving slowly out of the back of the car (I remember a momentary glimpse of the car headliner and hatch door hinges which should have been located near my feet), and the feeling that I was being rotated facedown as I was moving feet first out of the rear of the car.

My fiance and I woke up feeling like we had bad hang overs and we were pretty woozy like we would have felt after anesthesia.

We were both very hungry and felt like we hadn't eaten in a long time so we took off for town to find a restaurant. When we went into the restaurant I headed for the restroom to throw cold water in my face and wash up. Then I noticed that my beard looked like it was 2-3 days old and I had shaved the morning before.

We bought a newspaper before eating and noticed that it was dated two days after we had camped in the forest.

We didn't talk much about it for several days as we were in a kind of daze....

About ten years later while reading a Bud Hopkins book I realized that I might have an explanation for the deep, circular scoop marks on my left shin that showed up after the trip to Kentucky that I tended to ignore for years.

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