NUFORC Sighting 12610

Occurred: 1975-12-01 04:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2000-04-14 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 1 minute?
No of observers: 1

Location: Hollywood, CA, USA

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Colo

Classic Saucer over Hollywood at Christmas Season 1975

It was Christmas season 1975, and I'd been living in an 1920s Bachelor apartment building on Glencoe in the Hollywood Hills above the Cahuenga Pass, just south of the Hollywood Bowl. From my 3rd story patio I had a terrific view of the Cahuenga Canyon - out across Hollywood and off toward the high rise buildings far off in Downtown Los Angeles. My 10 year old son was staying with me for the holiday and was asleep on the floor in a sleeping bag. This night was one of those warm winter evenings, and the doors & windows were wide open. It was about 4:00 AM when I got up to use the bathroom; then decided to step outside onto the patio to view the city light. I was looking East & South. I stood on the patio for a few moments and looked downward from my hilltop location - Then, I was amazed to see the lights in the Cahuenga Pass slowly began to vanish? It appeared that these lights below me were being "eclipsed" by some large oval black shape which passed over them, as it moved Southward & West around the mountain. "Helicopter," I thought... or maybe "The Goodyear Blimp?" But there wasn't any sound! I listened for the 'copter's clatter, or the low-drone of the blimp... but nothing. The shape kept moving around and below, across my path of vision. It was probably 300 - 400 feet away. I was very intrigued, as this made no sense, and no sound? I could then see the general oval shape as the object passed and the canyon lights were again revealed behind it. Then, the object was directly before & below me (maybe 100 feet below my eyelevel), when I suddenly thought... "Zeus! It's a flying saucer!!!" - and then, THE SHIP'S LIGHTS POPPED ON!!! revealing a row of yellowish / pink WINDOWS? which passed all around the thing! I tried to make some sense of it all ~ and I thought, "It couldn't be the Good Year Blimp at 4:00 AM in the Morning!!!..." "It's a bloody Saucer!!!" Then, 2 rows of Colored Lights (Red & Blue, I think) popped-on, and started to "marquee" - first in one direction, then the other. All the while, the Saucer continued to pass before my line of sight... I could see (sort-of) inside the Ship - but by now, I was positive this was all a strange hallucination. So, I ran back inside the apartment and wakened my 10 year old son... (Trying not to frighten him from sleep) "Jaes! Wake-up! Quick!" "What is it, Dad?" "Quick!" - I took his hand and we hurried back outside on the patio... but by now the saucer / object had passed out of view, and around the side of the Hollywood Hills to across West Hollywood and ??? I sat up with my son for a while & we talked about what I'd seen. He believed me, but it was / is still hard for me to believe what I'd seen. Even 25 years later - I wonder?

Posted 2000-04-15

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