NUFORC Sighting 125415

Occurred: 1977-04-20 21:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2016-01-23 18:18 Pacific
Duration: hours
No of observers: 6

Location: Xenia, OH, USA

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Animals reacted

Disk crashed into oak tree wedging itself about 20ft off ground and the heat coming off it caused tree sap to boil into dense fog.

This event took place back in the late 70's…'77-'78 would be best guess.

First off i am not a witness i decided to put it out there after i had a talk with my father at dinner one evening and asked if he remembered if these things happened. He said wow i cant believe you remembered that. Basically it invovled my aunt, uncle and my cousins total of 6 in their family. It took place on a friday evening probably 9 to 10 pm it was dark out no moon in the sky they lived on a farm outside of Xenia, Ohio. My family would visit alot on the weekends and in the evenings they would have a fire out cook outs, etc.. Well that night they was all outside when this thing came in and lit up the night like it was daylight and crashed into the huge Oak tree that sat out by the lane that leads to the road. The farm sits way off the road maybe 500 yards or so. They all freaked out and ran inside house. They first thought the soviets launched nukes and WW3 had started. After awhile wh! en nothing else happened my uncle with a flash lite went outside to investigate. He noticed a smell in the air and really dense fog bank coming from the area of the oak tree. He walked closer and started to hear a sound which he likened to bacon frying in a skillet. Which turned out to be the tree sap being boiled which also explained the smell in the air. He tried to find the tree in the fog bank to makesure it wasn't on fire when he first saw the lights that were pulsing around the edge of the sauser like a heart beat. I remember him saying it was 12 to 20 ft in diameter and circular. He ran back inside the house and called the cops which i am guessing would have been the greene county sheriffs dept. While waiting on the cops to show up they were looking out the front windows and thought they saw little tiny people moving around in the fog. I do remember my uncle saying he saw the tiny beings along with my aunt. When the cops showed up my uncle took the officer to where ! he also saw the lights up in the tree. The cop said i have no ! idea wha t this is. They went to his car and he radioed dispatch to call the AFB in Fairborn, Ohio, which is about 20 miles to the west. The dispatch was told by someone at Wright Patterson to order the officer to makesure everyone stays inside the house along with him until they arrive. Once the airforce showed up they arrived in a personnel van, a car which was similar to the cops car but military police and atleast 1 double axle flatbed Truck with a cranelift mounted right behind the cab. He said the ariforce people walked around the area carrying boxes which turned out to be radiation detecters. After awhile an airforce person came insdie and told them that it was ball lightning that hit the tree and that there was a significant amount of radiation in the area and that it was not safe for them to stay. They was told they would be put up in a motel in fairborn for the night and then brought back after 5pm the next day. So thats when my aunt called my parents to make sure they could ! just stay with us in Enon,Ohio. They was dressed in jumpsuits because of the radiation and driven to my house in Enon. My parents told us kids that our cousins were stayin the night. I just remember as a child at around 8 or 9 years old the 2 Airforce vehicles that pulled into our driveway. The Personnel van with alot of windows and the MP car I want to think the van was maybe a dodge and i also remember the color of it was a flat blue with Airforce insig on the doors. This comes from what i remember sitting around the dinning room table and listening to my uncle ranting and raving about what they saw. I remember him telling my dad that this was not ball lightning and he knows it was a ufo and the airforce was recoving it. The next day my dad and him went back after 5pm just them. My dad said the yard was trashed from the trucks around the tree. The tree was still standing but was dead and he said they saw little tiny boot prints in the field next to the tree and also mili! tary boot prints like they was chasing or rounding them up. My! aunt wa s so freaked out by the tiny people she wouldnt return until sunday and i bet they ended up moving to fairborn within a few months after the event. I know this probably sounds totally to good to be true but this is what i remember. I do not have a tight family i haven't talked to my aunt in probably 2 decades now. My uncle passed away probably in the early 90's. Well thats it I wonder if someone that really investigates these sorts of things like mufon ect. could find out if there was anything that might have happened in that area and time period..

((name of witness deleted))


Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD

Posted 2016-01-29

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