NUFORC Sighting 125184

Occurred: 2016-01-06 21:30 Local
Reported: 2016-01-09 01:42 Pacific
Duration: 1-2 minutes
No of observers: 0

Location: North Vancouver (Canada), BC, Canada

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Emitted beams, Animals reacted

Giant mother ship sighted in Indian Arm-Mount Seymour side, from Deep Cove.

Deep Cove sighting Report

As we sat to eat some pizza at a park table and bench near the canoe rental at Deep Cove, looking North, I noticed a small light that caught my attention, as it was moving quite rapidly in many directions at the North West end of the Inlet.

To put it in perspective, the mountains at the end of the Indian arm inlet are about 1500 meters in height and they are the North Eastern Horizon, when looking from Deep Cove’s Gallant Avenue.

The sighting occurred in the South East face of Seymour Mountain while we were looking from the South side of the canoe rental outlet at the first of two park’s covered table.

It was night time and the fog line was about four to five hundred meters above the water at the mountain face.

Directly in front of us was Deep Cove Yate Club and to the right of our vision range, would be mid sight a place called Cory Rock, past the Marina, the sighting was to the North East of Cory Rock.

A small light was moving around almost at the fog line at the mountain side definitively at the forest located at the North West end of the Indian Arm Inlet, past Cory Rock, past the Woodlands community and above it.

The small light, caught my attention and I asked my daughter if she had seen it. She replied yes, it may be someone with a flash light in the woods in the woods. It did not make sense to me, as the trees are all over 100 feet tall in that forest, and whoever was passing around the light, should have been way taller than the tree line.

Suddenly, the small light transformed into a huge search light like beam of intense white light (halogen type).

The diameter of the light was larger than anti aerial search lights. Suddenly, it was overlapped by a light of the same diameter and size (easily the diameter of a two levels house) given the distance, the aerial phenomena suddenly expanded to a series of round lights with three to four square or semi rectangular windows of light in between also observed by my daughter however omitted in her report.

Then it came the most spectacular encounter with extraterrestrial intelligence ever; a large beam of light came from the center of the apparat or flying disk that illuminated the fog and created a daylight effect at the mountain, which allowed the true three dimensional perspective of size to be seeing.

It had at that point no less than three and up to four of the round search lights with the large semi rectangular windows of light in between, it had come from behind Mount Seymour, to hover silently above the inlet, when suddenly started a display of lights equal only to the PNE show of lights. However, these beams were more potent.

Given the distance and the fact that the object covered a great portion of the Mountain and horizon. A conservative estimate of height or thickness of the saucer like object, could be 100 meters and its full diameter 7 to 10 full moons which could equate given the distance to a quarter to one third of a mile or 400 to 600 meters in diameter. Minimum, hovering over 100 Meter above the water.

The object in the same manner that materialized itself, dematerialized or placed all multiple potent search beams and lights going in all directions, off.

Leaving a dome with what I perceived to be some windows, as the sole visible lights.

I managed to take two pictures. Picture 1. Is a total blank image white color in my black berry (never had that happen) the second one amazingly enough, shows an angle that was not the one I was focusing but the picture shows more of the village, or no less than 30-45 degrees left of where my camera was actually pointing at the smaller light.

Afraid of the whole situation given the sheer size of the spaceship and lights show, we fast walked, almost run to Deep Cove to talk to someone. Our friend was busy, so we went back to the ocean lookout at the end of Gallant Avenue.

There was no light yet, it suddenly returned not for long or in full splendor but it did, hovered there for a while and disappeared in the fog at the end of the inlet sky.

I could only equate it to a spaceship the size of Independence day.

Having had multiple experiences with these machines, I declare the one we saw, was something that if it was seen in any city of the Planet, general world panic would ensue.

When I sought I had seen many large UFO in Deep Cove with my daughter last year, this one, was a close up, mother ship and a half.

Sorry for my grammar and composition, I am a miner, not a writer.

Posted 2016-01-14

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