NUFORC UFO Sighting 12518

Occurred: 2000-02-15 02:00 Local
Reported: 2000-04-02 00:00 Pacific

Location: Alton, VA, USA

Shape: Orb
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Aircraft nearby

i saw a gold orb in the south sky about 30 degrees up the horizon. It was 1/2 the size the full moon. it seem to slightly pulsate. after looking at it through binoculars i went back to bed, it was 2 am.

i woke up and saw this bright gold orb through the trees about half the size of a full moon. It puzzled me because i knew there should not be any thing that bright or that size in the sky at this, time about 2am. there should not have been any thing even remotely that size there. Jupiter had set and the moon was well west, venus was not up yet. I looked at my charts the next morning. I am an authorized investigator for VA MUFON. as i was looking at it through my binoculars i saw a jet fly behind it!!! i then figured it must be a light from the nearby power plant and went to bed. the next day i was some what unsettlted about it, i still knew i saw something that should not have been there but was sure it was something explainable. after dark i went to the other side of the trees i saw the orb through and expected to see some light that would explain what i saw, but nothing. i have not seen it since. a couple of days later my wife mentioned having strange vivid dreams that night (she sleeps in another room), i also had some strange vivid dreams that night, and a neighbor mentioned the same thing. this still bothered me but i decided to forget about it until i saw this page and the mention about all of the orbs sighted during february at various locations. so you can make of it what you will, but let me know if anyone else saw this in my area, i would like to talk to them.

Posted 2000-04-15

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