NUFORC Sighting 124887

Occurred: 2014-12-25 19:03 Local
Reported: 2015-12-24 14:06 Pacific
Duration: 8 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Glendora, CA, USA

Shape: Fireball
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Left a trail, Electrical or magnetic effects, Animals reacted

Fireball, yellow center, amber red outer edges. Two witnesses; Clear night. UFO stops, houvers. Vanishes into thin air. Double pass.

At 7:03 PM (PST) December 25, 2014 at (XXXX) South Vermont Avenue Glendora, CA 91740; My mother and I witnessed a fireball yellow at its center and amber red around the outer edges (Circular) but "flame-like" came from the north (Angeles Foothills - San Gabriel Mountains) at approx. at 35 yards distance from us at approx. 60 ft., moving directly south towards us and parallel, as we were proceeding north on the west side of the street. There was "no" vehicle traffic, "no" air traffic, and "no" pedestrian traffic around us. Completely quiet surroundings. The night sky was completely clear, no fog, no rain.

This fireball that itself was completely "noiseless" was proceeding fast at approx. 60-75 mph but then immediately stops next to us. No movement, we stop and watch this fireball as I examine it carefully. We were walking our two dogs and they became agitated. I called my girlfriend but was unable to make a connection; however, I then called my friend "Ed" and was able to make a connection that faded in and out but strong enough to talk to him clearly.

As we observed this fireball hovering with absolutely no sound next to us, I kept looking down at my watch to ensure there was no missing time. I continue to describe the event to my friend on the phone.

I then told my mother to not look at the object, and continue to walk our dogs away from this fireball as she was now very nervous. I continued to talk with "Ed" on the phone.

The fireball then starts moving again slowly approx. 30 mph making a looping turn to the southwest direction. After proceeding approx. 1/4 mile it vanishes into thin air. No sound at all.

Approx. 2 min. later it returns (Or a second fireball came by); The same trajectory, but this time 1/2 the height in the air, approx. 30 feet up. The fireball slowed to a crawl as it passed by us, and, just as it passed us, poof-gone.

Afterwards I was able to make a connection on my cell phone with my girlfriend and told her all about our sighting and event.

Posted 2016-01-05

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