NUFORC Sighting 122431

Occurred: 2015-09-08 18:30 Local
Reported: 2015-09-29 23:31 Pacific
Duration: 15 secs
No of observers: 1

Location: Westerville, OH, USA

Shape: Cigar
Characteristics: Aircraft nearby

Cigar craft travels N to S in early evening sky; night-time sightings throughout month of Sept

In an effort to consolidate the information into convenient delivery, I will use this single report to relate several sightings I have recently witnessed, between the dates of August 31st, 2015 to September 16th, 2015. I have decided to share these experiences given (a) the extraordinary nature of the various sightings; (b) my fear of forgetting details, with no written record; and (c) the non-response from MUFON of Ohio in taking down these details, following an e-mail submitted weeks ago..

I will present these sightings in bullet fashion, with emphasis on brevity and unique, distinguishing details.

August 31st, , @ 21:15: I stepped outside to our covered back patio, and “heard” a thought that said: Go to the yard and look up at the sky. With no hesitation, I acted on this thought and with clear view of the sky, I looked up and proceeded to witness something remarkable. One star, in stasis with other stars, went from a notably idle state to, suddenly, scanning across the sky, east to west. It proceeded to slow down, and then took a 90-degree turn to the right, heading north. As it went north, its body’s light exponentially increased in velocity, until it appeared approximately 10x brighter than its initial glow. Then, it disappeared. Sighting duration: 10-12 seconds.

((Note: I remember seeing two other interesting things that same night, but given the nature of, and my focus on, subsequent sightings, I cannot recall their defining characteristics.) September 1st, 2015, @ approx. 21:00: From same location, I (and a few family members) observed a glowing orb of light, low in the western sky, which interchanged between colors of orange, red, yellow, and white. Lights pulsed. The object barely moved, but did venture downward re: our line of sight. Sighting duration: 15 minutes.

September 3rd, 2015, @ 21:30 – 23:30: Given the nature of recent sightings, I developed new interest to taking a look at the night sky. On this night, I saw three quick flashes of light –imagine lights flashing once from three points of a triangle–around Sirius. On this same evening, I saw something fly much lower, and it pulsed multiple (15+) lights at once, with lights varying in color with each pulse. Colors were of warmer nature. Sighting duration(s): 3 Flashes: 2 seconds; “Pulsing” craft: 1 minute.

Please note: Over the course of these evenings, I do indeed see multiple planes, helicopters, and accumulatively, about 10 shooting stars.

September 8th, 2015 @ 18:30: As sun set in the West, I watched as a plane descended, heading east from west, and I took it upon myself to observe its lighting patterns, in an effort to further inform myself on possible plane ID factors for nighttime observations. It was low in altitude, and its descent east was done to prepare for a loop-around to land at the airport, south of my location. As I watched the plane go to the east of me, I saw – quite clearly, unambiguously, and with complete surprise – a white “cigar” craft, “hovering” at about the same altitude as the plane. It had no wings, no windows, and it resembled a white stick, traveling from north to south at leisurely speed. *I could see both the plane and the cigar in the same “frame” of sight.* It went behind some trees, and I did not think to keep track of it, as I was in a state of surprise and amazement. Sighting duration: 15 seconds.

Note: While the video is not the best, the cigar I witnessed looked and moved exactly like the one featured in this video I found after a search online, about one week after the sighting. In my viewing, it was closer to me than it was in this seemingly-sound videoed sighting. Link:

September 8th, 2015 @ 22:00: I observed a “star” – similar to my first sighting – scan across the sky, going from north to south, to the east of me. It traveled quickly, but not at any immense rapidity, and I managed to make a call to have another person come outside and see it. Just as they stepped out, I lost sight of the “star” behind a backyard tree, and could not locate it when I rushed to other side. After this person returned inside, an identical light quickly crossed from south to north, in the western sky, before disappearing. Sighting(s) duration: 1st star: 40 seconds; 2nd star: 10 seconds.

September 16th @ 22:00 - September 17th, 2015 @ 6:00: With another witness, we watched as three lights slowly rose (two to the north of us, and one to the east). The eastern light pulsed with very strong flashes of color, and at one point, a “bloated-seeming” airliner passed underneath it at what appeared to be very close proximity. Of the two northern lights, one seemed rather stationary, while the other moved closer to it, but farther in the northern direction (as in compass, not upward height) than when we first saw it.

Later this evening, or rather in the morning, at approx. 5:00, I saw two lights (larger than the “stars” but not by much) which appeared to travel north to south, east of me, and then “phase” out, in a way I can only describe as if they moved beyond an invisibility cloak – in other words: when their body passed respective fixed points, they disappeared, but not all at once, and quite unlike the shooting stars I had also seen that night (which would streak very quickly, and disappear quickly). Sighting(s) duration: approx. 7 seconds, and 3 seconds.

Then, at approx. 5:40, a light to the east rose slowly (but quickly compared to the rest of the sky’s scan). I have heard mention of Venus appearing very brightly this past month, and with respect to this single sighting, I do make room that I may have been looking at Venus. However, a few things to point out: (a) This light was easily the brightest light I have ever seen in the sky, excluding the sun during the day; brighter than the moon. (b) There was no definite shape to the light; its glow was a very bright, very concentrated golden light, and it hurt to look at it (similar to the sun). (c) My cell phone can barely record the moon when it is full, and it cannot catch the stars at night, nor any of my other night sightings, but it was able to register this object, with ONE major exception: the light, as I saw it, was an amorphous sunshine-like light; my phone’s camera’s capture has it as a rounded orb, which flashes every single imaginable color. *I am very curious as to! why this may be, and if this is the case with Venus or other planetary cell phone video captures.* A few other locals whom I have spoken to have made mention of seeing this very bright light once or twice this month. Sighting duration: 30 minutes.

A note on the observer: Until August 31st, I *never* claimed to have seen any Unidentified Flying Object. I am in my mid-twenties, and with my field of work and studies, I am prone to engaging my imagination's muscle. However, I would say say that this does not mean I cannot control my imagination's affect, but rather that my awareness of my imagination has given me a good grasp on what I may make up, as an artist, against what I have now seen with my own eyes, for the very first time. I do hope that these are not the last of my sightings. This month's activity and sightings can be summed up, for me, as quite extraordinary, and, already, privately treasured.

Posted 2015-10-02

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