Occurred: 1974-06-01 13:00 Local
Reported: 2000-02-20 00:00 Pacific
Duration: Half hour
No of observers: 3

Location: Terrytown, LA, USA

Shape: Other

A large hot dog shape object, glowing red orange, just like the color of an electric stovetop. Object was seen floating above the Crescent City. The local news reported strange glowing light.

((name deleted)) came rushing in to tell me that there was a UFO in the sky. At first, taken back, but went out to check just in case it was a real UFO. There it was, in plain daylight, and it was longer than any building in New Orleans. It floated there above the Crescent City, and we watch it make skipping movements northward towards the Lake Pontchartrain, which is the largest man made lake in the world, about fifteen feet deep. This happened around the time that three small gray creatures adducted Charlie Hickson. We are just about 100 miles east of Pascagoula, Mississippi. Local newsman even chased a UFO with a helicopter and shows footage. There was a wave of sightings going on around the area. I was seventeen at the time and my brother ((deleted)) was eight. Just a few years earlier when I attended ((deleted)) Military Academy in Gainesville Georgia, I felt compel to go off to the parade field at night. Looking up at the stars and I pour out my heart, and asked God to let me communicate with the aliens. I asked the aliens to please come and make a landing near my hometown, within a 100 miles. I told others at school that a UFO was going to land near my hometown, and they would then know that I could communicate with space beings. To my surprise, sky people landed in Pascagoula, Mississippi, but I was disappointed to know that they did not look like us. Perhaps they are the ancient keepers of the Garden of Eden; perhaps they are the working police force that God uses.

Posted 2000-02-23

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