NUFORC UFO Sighting 120365

Occurred: 2015-07-13 02:00 Local
Reported: 2015-07-13 09:03 Pacific
No of observers: 1

Location: Inarajan (Guam), GU, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted beams

Orange glowing light in sky that responded to my flashing light.

So, I am writing this story on behalf of my boyfriend.. This past experience he just had will be number 3 of profound experiences with unexplained phenomena happening. I will briefly explain his first two encounters.

His first was when he was working over in the desert in Borrego Springs, CA. It was around 9:30pm, him and a friend were just leaving the fitness area in their complex. Something caught their attention in the sky, and what started as one light, turned into about 15 lights over a 30 minute or so time span. Some were moving in more of a straight line, but then some were freely moving through the sky in more of a zig-zag motion. Towards the end of the sighting, two of the lights were headed toward each other, one from the east and one from the west. They were parallel to each other, one slightly above the other. And one the two lights met in the sky, they stopped. One light flashed to the other. My boyfriend said it was as bright, and as fast, as the flash from a camera, and not over a second later did the other light seem to flash back to the first. And as soon as it stopped flashing, the light on top shot straight into the sky and disappeared, and the other continued heading east in the sky. As him and his friend stood there, baffled and confused at what they just saw, they continued to watch the sky. A few minutes later, you hear (but not easily see) a military jet flying out over the sky in the direction the majority of the lights were traveling, almost as it was chasing after it.

His second experience I was there for, so I can personally explain what we saw. This was my first experience, or at least the first one that seemed undeniable. By this time, we were now living in Guam. A place with barely any light pollution, LOTS of stars in the sky, lots of planes and military planes/helicopters/stealth planes/etc.. But as much as there is military there, we still feel that what we saw was not military at all. We were standing out back of our house, it was our last night staying there.. A fast moving, far away light was moving through the sky and caught our attention almost at the same moment. As our eyes continued following it move through what looked like the stars,it was so high up, suddenly it almost seemed to shoot up INTO the sky like in hyper speed, and disappeared. Not even a second later there was a bright flash (that made me think of his first experience in CA) like a camera flash and then it was all gone, nothing. Over. SO WEIRD. This was the first time I had an experience (and I've always been a star gazer/believer) but this moment was like no other. It left us both speechless, amazed, confused.. so many thoughts run through your mind seeing something so unexplainable.

So, I have always wanted to share these stories because I am one that feels we should all share our experiences because right now, after all of this, it just leaves me feeling (even more so) that we have no idea what goes on in this world, our governments, our military advances, or just the fact that we are not alone. My entire life I've wanted to have an experience, because I felt like it would help put my eager mind at ease. But after seeing what I saw, it only leaves me with more questions, but a definite feeling of knowing.

So- the reason I shared these stories now, is because my boyfriend just had another unexplainable experience last night that just seems too profound not to share.

My boyfriend is a fisher((man)), through and through. Casts out during the day and night, free dives.. he spends a lot of time alone walking the reef at night looking for fish. And last night, he found a lot more than that. From the messages he sent me today: I also saw a UFO flashed my light at it it got bright zoomed away from me out to sea I started walking inside because I got freaked out a little and when I turned around it was pretending to be a star, but there were no stars besides that one and maybe 6 others I saw it traveling south to north bright orange light When I flashed it it moves east fast when I turned back to look it re appeared and was still But was reflecting of the water And I kept looking for my iphone and didn't feel it in my pocket until I got to our floor And the flying thing saw that I saw it and took off It was more intense than beret go because it was closer it was a very very strange night I honestly know beyond a shadow of doubt that we are not the only life form in the universe A military vessel would not respond to a 4.75$ flashlight It seemed absolutely ridiculous that it was able to see my light I don't think human eyes could've seen that shitty light at that distance it was just above the horizon Which means it was probably over 20 miles away I have no idea how Highup it was an altitude but you can only see 16 miles on the ocean before the curvature of the earth Is too much to see further I honestly walked away once I start react to my light because it seems so impossible and the fact that it was reflecting off the water is super weird because it's crystal-clear night tonight and that star is not there When I walked away checked for phone and looked back it was static Not moving And was bright enough to reflect on the water From very far It's hard to know how to feel honestly --and when I asked him after it happening to him so many times, how it makes him feel-- I wouldn't really care except it's been three times in my life that I've seen something that tells me we know nothing about what governments/military technological advancements or plain and simple we're not alone So its easy to see why now, after all this time, I felt it was time to share these stories. But I hope in reading this, it helps you feel you found some answers, or some kind of confirmation or knowing that we are not alone.. we don't know everything that goes on in this world.. we may never know.. but theres something out there, maybe trying to let us know this very thing.

Take from this what you will, but I know for me- the fire inside that I feel to know the truth is still burning strong, and I know someday things will be made more clear for us. I just hope with the way that our world behaves, they are here to help us and we don't screw it up.

Posted 2015-07-17

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