NUFORC Sighting 120363

Occurred: 2015-05-14 09:45 Local
Reported: 2015-07-13 08:56 Pacific
Duration: ~40 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Germantown, MD, USA

Shape: Cylinder

3 alien spacecraft over Germantown, MD

UFO SIGHTING May 14, 2015 - 9:45AM This morning, at 9:45AM on Thursday, May 14, 2015, I was driving on I-270 from Hyattstown, MD, toward Germantown, MD, when I saw at about 20 degrees above my horizon, and ahead of me in the sky, 3 objects.

They were flying in a straight line, left to right across my direction of travel, and consisted of two silver cylindrical objects that I would guess were about the size of railroad tank cars but taller and maybe longer, and were ahead of a third object that was black, and square or rectangular in shape, and as large as the cylinders.

I saw no windows on any of the objects, nor any means of propulsion - no wings or propellers - and no discernible tail features. There was no sign of any smoke or other exhaust features.

They were moving relatively slowly, and stayed in view for about 40 seconds before I drove past the point where they were off my right side and out of my sight. If they stayed on that course, they would have passed over the Germantown area.

I was in heavy morning rush hour traffic, in the center lane, and could not pull over to either side to stop for a better view.

I don't know for sure what they were, and, unless we have technology that I am not aware of, I seriously doubt that they were made by man - homo sapiens.

All of my life, I have believed that we are not alone. Now, unless this can be explained away, I am very sure we are NOT alone!


Hi Mr. Davenport,
I did report it to another site, but they never published anything on it. I just found out about your site due to an article in the newspaper (Frederick, MD News Post). Thank you for taking interest in it.

And, yes, it WAS a dramatic sighting! I was in heavy rush hour traffic in the middle lane of 3. They were flying just above treetop level. The driver in the car to my left obviously saw it also, but the look on his face was absolute terror. I seriously doubt he told anyone about it. I did confide in a few friends - almost sorry I did. I don't think any of them believe me. I only wish I could have gotten to my phone to use the camera in it. I have ordered a dash cam, just to make sure something like this never happens - undocumented
- again.

I couldn't stop to get a better view either, due to the traffic. I even had a policeman in our church check to see if there were any other sightings. The only thing he could tell me was, "Yes, there were."

I was not frightened by it. But, I must admit, I have lost a few nights sleep wondering who/what they were, where were they from, what were they doing here - so many questions I would like to ask them if I had the opportunity. I wouldn't mind taking a ride in a ufo either, assuming I could come back from it!

The cylinders were so large, I have wondered if it could have been the beginning of an invasion. My guess is each of the 2 cylinders could easily have accommodated
2-300 or more human sized troops. I would also guess the 3rd craft was a control unit.

As I drove down the road after the sighting, a big black helicopter flew past me headed in the direction I had seen the objects going. Interesting!!

I must admit I am a sci-fi devotee, and I write some under the name ((name and e-address deleted)). This sighting WILL be going into a story I have started.

I have now posted a page on my website, www.((address deleted))l detailing the encounter. Feel free to link to it if you want to.

If only I could contact them - assuming they are friendly. Oh, SO MANY QUESTIONS!

((name deleted))


Posted 2015-07-17

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