NUFORC Sighting 12013

Occurred: 1997-03-23 20:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2000-02-15 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 1 minute
No of observers: 20

Location: Nederland, CO, USA

Shape: Other
Characteristics: Lights on object, Left a trail

Spring Solstice,Lunar eclipse, time of the comet,evening around open fire, gathering 20 adults.

A pre-arranged group of people gathered around a celebration fire after dark on the spring solstice. Some of the group had traveled up to Nederland to join in the event. We said prayers to the earth and the directions and the spirits. We blew flutes and drummed. The group was in different stages of the ceremony when two males standing apart from the group looked west to the comet and saw between 15 to 18 space craft flying in formation over the mountain tops towards the group. It took a few moments for the craft to move overhead and past us. At that time two of the craft broke formation returning to do a low altitude flyby. At this point, those who hadn't seen the first fly over saw the second. The two flew in wing to wing -a few yards apart- and did a zig-zag dance. Which meant at the same moment each craft flew away from each other a few yards and then flew back together. this was done before thye reached the group. So that by the time they had flown over they had created a vapor trail and within 15 yards after passing the group they abruptly turned their noses up and flew straight up and away at tremendous speed. The vapor trail following was easily seen and as the craft flew up nose to tail the vapor swirled like smoke following them.,as to my witnessing the event. I also was standing apart from the group with a woman friend and my back was to the group while she faced it. The lunar eclispe was full and the country surrounding us was dark. It's a very small town and there aren't many city lights. Now as we talked we heard the group give up a great cry and whoop. She said, 'look somebody's flying a kite.' I turned to my right and saw a craft that was about 12ft wide with wings and a center sphere for the flyer. The two wings were bent in three places like elbows and wrists. From the sphere the wing dipped down a few degrees then one-third out bent again up, at a sharp angle to almost the length and about a foot short bent again with a down wing. The wings where shaped like a long skinny triangle with the end points showing lighted opake(sp)tips. The sphere was also partly lit. The sight of the craft did not throw me because as a clairvoyant I have seen space craft before. But none of the others in the group had had my experience. My thought at first when my friend told me about the kite was that it was a mistake. We dismissed the idea and said go night to each other and she left. When I walked back over to the group some 20 yards away in the darkness I was approached by several in the group who were all smiles and laughing excitedly. After they began telling me what just happened, I began asking questions to each one separatly. They all said the same thing basically but the two males standing apart proved to be the most interesting in their witness. Each one told me a different number of craft but it didn't matter to me. What was the most compelling to me was the description that I saw matched their's. Especially the lighted tips of the wings. Well many of the group that kept in contact over the next week were blown away. At first it was really cool and something they had waited years to see. But as the week went on the event began to shock them and really bother them in many respects. It's different to think you see a ship, most of these folks are new-agers and try to be open, but when the encounter is like this one, up-close with plenty of witnesses, it throws the thinking around. This was also around the time of the Arizona sightings. Nederland is 18 miles west up the mountain from Boulder. I did enter this information on a site but had no idea who to talk to. I had just heard of the Art Bell show and hadn't even tuned in to the program. Well anyway I thought I would pass this along. Small craft with a sphere for a center and oragami wings that bent for flight control. The reason my friend thought she saw a kite was the lighted tipped wings and the swirling vapor trail that looked like the tail of a kite. My witnessing came from my psychic sensing of a foriegn object in the area. The picture I received was a left-over image of the craft. This is hard to explain but the craft had departed before I had even turned to see what my friend was talking about. My view was the craft eight feet off the ground at level flight.


We are not certain of the date, but the solstice occurs on 21MR. The comet was most dramatic on Sunday, 23MR97, so we have arbitrarily assigned a date. It may be incorrect.

Posted 2000-02-16

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