NUFORC Sighting 119972

Occurred: 2012-09-29 06:50 Local
Reported: 2015-07-03 07:05 Pacific
Duration: 2 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Lively, VA, USA

Shape: Cylinder
Characteristics: Lights on object

At 6:50 AM, on September 29 of 2012, I had just walked from the bathroom of our single floor house, and glanced out the window on the west side of the building. What I saw still haunts me to this day.

Less than one hundred and fifty feet away, hovering near the top of the neighbors' backyard tree, which towers to 50 to 65 feet in height, was an object that I had never before seen. My mind seemed to be scrambled for a millisecond in an effort to "make" the object identifiable. I saw the "ghosts" of a tail section and large rotor blades on the top, but those projections quickly vanished. There were lights toward the front, asymmetrically placed on a "bulkhead" of sorts, and those lights were not blinking or moving. The colors were red, green, blue, and a singular white light.

The body of this craft at first appeared to follow in a general way the body of a military helicopter, with flat sides that rolled over the top with a similar roll on the bottom. The exterior was glassy smooth and the color was a bluish-gray, what I first called "Periwinkle," certainly not exactly what I intended to suggest. It was a Periwinkle blue-gray, but a much darker value than the color that most people understand to be Periwinkle. I am not an illustrator, and so my illustration does not depict the color correctly.

In total silence, and as if acknowledging that I had spotted it, the craft quickly moved toward my house and passed directly overhead the window from which I was observing. From the first moment of its departure, the object appeared to change its shape into a cylindrical "oil drum" with two rounded ends, though the leading end was "notched out" from about half-way up the cylinder to the top. That "notch" moved back perhaps four or five feet, and then stopped at a vertical bulkhead, upon which the lights were set in recessed openings. I did not see any pilots.

Now the interesting thing is that I continued “seeing” this craft for several hours, as though it had been imbedded in my mind. Also, there seemed to be a kind of transparent hatch cover that covered the notched out front section of the craft, which I never saw with my eyes. But it became real and seeable in my memory image as it repeatedly slid open and closed for a very long time. That action was very fast and it seemed that it was done so many times in order that I understand its importance. If it actually had any importance, I have failed to realize that.

The entire episode must have taken place in about two seconds, which is a very long time when you are seeing something so far removed from normal experiences.

That morning I drew some rough sketches of the craft and guessed at measurements and distances, etc., and really goofed on much of that. It was after I got out a tape measure and started taking actual measurements that I saw how erroneous my first guesses had been. Now much of that has been corrected, though I still need to figure the height of the roof of the house next door without arousing too much suspicion.

My emotional reaction to the sighting: I felt as though there was a strange violation of my privacy. It was as though I felt that I was being watched and the moment that I discovered that, “they” fled the scene very rapidly. So overall, I had an ominous feeling, a feeling that is related to paranoia.

The following morning, September 30, 2012, I heard the loud thumps of a helicopter approaching my house, so I grabbed my camera and ran outdoors. The Army helicopter crossed my front yard at an aerial height of no more that 70 feet, and I was able to get two photos of that black machine. How very curious that such a visit would take place so soon after my sighting. We rarely see helicopters in this area, aside from the occasional EMT Rescue copter.

Eleven months later a photograph taken in Brazil was revealed in “Filer’s Files,” a web news letter about UFO’s. The object in the photograph was almost identical to the object that I saw. Since then another similar object was photographed in Pikesville, MD, and shared on the web via “UFO Sightings Hotspots.”

Posted 2015-07-03

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