NUFORC Sighting 119694

Occurred: 1989-09-18 23:45 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2015-06-22 09:02 Pacific
Duration: 5 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Stillwater, OK, USA

Shape: Rectangle
Characteristics: Lights on object

Rectangle Shaped Object observed hovering over plowed field SE of Stillwater Oklahoma

While driving South on Perkins road, just to the south of Stillwater Creek, I saw a set of landing lights just above the tree line, about 2 miles to the South East. This was strange because there is elevated ground in that direction that would make a small plane flight way too low and hazardous.

I proceeded to turn east on 32nd street to head to my house, which would bring me just to the South of the area I had spotted the object. It was about ¼ of a mile East of Perkins road, and just about 50 yards North of East 32nd street. My view of the object (landing lights) had been obscured by a hill and the tree line as I drove the mile to my exit from the first sighting. The object did not move at all while I observed it. My assumption at this point was it would be a helicopter hovering over the field for some reason.

Once I turned onto East 32nd, I could see that the object was again in view, and hovering about 75 feet off the ground, further above the tree line than I had first imagined. It did not take me long to get to a clearing in two tree lines, in which a wheat field was present.

Now I was able to see that about a dozen “landing lights” were spaced almost evenly apart, giving the object a distinct rectangular/box shape. Having been into aviation I thought a helicopter that size and shape could only be something like a CH-53 Sea Stallion, but there are no Marine or Naval Air assets anywhere close to Stillwater, Oklahoma, and I was only used to seeing UH-1 Hueys, CH-47 Chinooks, occasional AH-1 Cobras, and civilian aircraft in the skies.

As I got close I could not hear anything, having ridden in large helicopters before, and been around them while in the Military (later in life) I realize how much racket they make. There was no wind this night, which is unusual for Northern Oklahoma.

I decided to place my car in neutral, and then turn off the engine, so the only sound would be the tires on the blacktop. My windows were down because it was still warm outside, and my car did not have any air conditioning. There was complete silence, other than the sound of the tires on the blacktop, and the tall Johnson grass on the side of the road was not swaying around. There was no rotor wash from the blades of a helicopter, nor the rotor slap that would have been audible. When someone is this close to a helicopter the rotor slap often generates sound waves so powerful that a person can “feel” them as well.

At this point I realized it was not a large helicopter and I began to panic, as I was quite familiar with the UFO phenomenon from early age. I quickly turned the car back on and threw it back into drive and sped off towards my home.

Just on the off chance it might be a blimp of some sort, I peered over my left shoulder as I was travelling east of the object and looked at it as it was now in front of the “haze” or pink skyline of the City of Stillwater. The air is rather dirty in that part of Oklahoma, and even small communities have skylines that are shrouded in a pinkish layer of light pollution at night.

In addition there were thick clouds that night, and the ceiling for the clouds was low enough to reflect a lot of the light pollution. This should have provided me enough difference to see if there was a structure above a “gondola” that would have been on a very large blimp. But all I could see where the bright blue, white, and red landing lights that gave the object its distinct box and/or rectangle shape.

The combination of bright skyline, low cloud ceiling, and the angle of the object should have made any giant gas containing structure of a dirigible visible as a dark shadow against the background.

At this point I accelerated to a high rate of speed, and proceeded to go home, which was about another two miles east of this location. The home I lived in was perched on a hill, and when I got out of the car and looked to the West, I could see the object just above the trees.

When I got inside, I went into my Father's room and attempted to wake him up and see if he would come and observe it. He was tired, it was way past his bed time, and he did not believe in “UFO nonsense” so despite my frantic state, would not get out of bed or listen to what I had to say.

Because it was above the tree line, and I had no other reference points, my guess to its size is simply that. It looked about the side of two greyhound busses set side by side.

After calling a friend who lived in town and telling him about it, I was brave enough to walk out to the edge of the yard and look west to see if it was still there, but it had disappeared. This happened sometime in the fall of 1989 or 1990, but I do not remember the exact date.

Another friend talked me into going to the wheat field and looking it over the next day, but it had been plowed sometime in the past couple of weeks, and was soft from rainfall. We saw nothing in the general area where I observed it to be hovering that would indicate that it had landed.

No sounds were heard from the object.

Because that was and still is a sparsely populated part of the area, I knew no one to ask to see if they had observed it as well. In addition the fear of ridicule meant only my Father, and a couple of close friends knew about the encounter.


Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD

Posted 2015-06-24

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